Gymnema Sylvestre-Effective Herbal Medicine for Diabetes and Obesity

Gymnema Sylvestre Capsules

  • Regarded as one of the plants with potent propertiesáused for controlling obesity
  • Known to have a good effect for curbing of diabetes by blocking sugar binding sites
  • Presence of Gymnemic acid results in low blood sugar level
  • Increases secretion of insulin & causes inhibition of glucose absorption from intestine

Gymnema Sylvestre contains Gymnemic acid and theseáformulations have been found very useful against obesity and diabetes. It has been observed that there could be a possible link between obesity, Gymnemic acids and diabetes. áIt is believed that Gymnemic acid by inhibiting the sweet taste sensation, people taking it will limit their intake of sweet foods, and this activity may be partially responsible for its hypoglycemic effect. áGymnemic acid molecules fill the receptor location in the absorptive external layers of the intestine thereby preventing the sugar molecules absorption by the intestine, which results in low blood sugar level.

Dosage: 1-2 Capsules twice/ thrice daily before meals, with plain water

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Gymnema Sylvestre Capsules are made from Pure Organic Herbs and Standardized Herbal Extracts without using any Chemicals, Preservatives, Fillers, Starch or Additives.

Ingredients Packaging & Quantity :- 60 Vegetarian Capsules in Food Grade HDP Bottle Containing 100 % Pure Standardized 500 mg Extract of leaves of Gymnema Sylvestre.

Other Ingredients :- Silica gel (Dessicant To absorb moisture) No artificial colors, preservatives, yeast, starch or Chemicals

Dosage & how to Take :- 1-2 capsules twice daily - About Ż hr. to 1 Hour after meals with plain or lukewarm water


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