Natural Cure For ITP (Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura) - True Testimonial

Interviewer: Namaskar Sir!

Interviewee: Namaskar

Interviewer: I welcome you to Planet Ayurveda Centre. What's your name?

Interviewee: My name is Sanjeev Kumar.

Interviewer: From where have you come?

Interviewee: I have come from Bihar, Patna.

Interviewer: Whose treatment is going on in Planet Ayurveda from Dr. Vikram Chauhan?

Interviewee: Patient is my sister-in-law from Patna.

Interviewer: What issues she had regarding health?

Interviewee: She was undergoing treatment for ITP since a long time. We consulted in Lucknow, Delhi, and Patna regarding her health issue. She was admitted in hospital as well but didn't get a 100% cure. We contacted Dr.Vikram when her platelet count reached 18000. I came to know through the internet and I met Sir (Dr. Vikram Chauhan) in Chandigarh. I live in Chandigarh.

Interviewer: So the platelet count reached 18000. What was the opinion of Allopathic doctors regarding this?

Interviewee: Allopathic doctors said that there is no medicine of ITP in Ayurveda. Wysolone was the name of a medicine that was prescribed by them and the same was given by PGI, Lucknow but there was no effect. She got 100% cure relief from the medicines given by Dr. Vikram Chuahan.

Interviewer: When was the problem of ITP diagnosed and what were the symptoms?

Interviewee: It was diagnosed around 2-3 years back and there was bleeding from different parts of the body and she also had black spots on the body. Weakness was also there.

Interviewer: When did you approach Dr. Vikram Sir?

Interviewee: We approached him 4-5 months back.

Interviewer: Alright! What was the number of platelets when you started treatment from here?

Interviewee: At that time, the platelet count was 18000.

Interviewer: How much is the platelet count now?

Interviewee: At present, it is 1,65,000.

Interviewer: And how is she feeling now?

Interviewee: Now she is well. There is no problem.

Interviewer: Is bleeding still there?

Interviewee: No

Interviewer: Alright! What was the prescription given to her, please show it to our viewers. What kind of medicines were prescribed by Dr. Vikram Ji?

Interviewee: This is a standard diet chart which Dr. Sahab gives to ITP patients.

Interviewer: Yes, along with medicines, this is a standard diet chart.

Interviewee: This has to be followed strictly.

Interviewer: Without this, medicines are of no use.

Interviewee: Yes. Further two months treatment is going on.

Interviewer: Do you have reports with you? Would you please show them to our viewers? You can show them on your mobile. This is the latest report which is showing 1,65,000 platelet count. What do you feel about this treatment and what message do you want to give to our viewers?

Interviewee: ITP has no cure in allopathy but Dr. Vikram Chauhan has 100% treatment for ITP as per my opinion.

Interviewer: Can you tell our viewers what should be followed in diet chart?

Interviewee: Diet chart that is given by Dr. Vikram Chauhan should be followed strictly along with the medicines.

Interviewer: Medicines along with diet chart if followed properly, then the treatment of ITP is possible in Ayurveda.

Interviewee: Yes, there is a 100% cure.

Interviewer: Thank you Sir, for giving time for our viewers and sharing such a valuable piece of information with them. Thank you so much!

Interviewee: Thanks a lot.


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