Natural Treatment of Ulcerative Colitis - Real Testimonial by A Patient

Interviewer:- Greetings sir, and where have you come from and what is your name sir?

Interviewee:- We have come from Muktsar and the name is Akashdeep.

Interviewer:- Regarding which problem have you come for?

Interviewee:- Ulcerative Colitis

Interviewer:- For how long have you been suffering from this particular ailment?

Interviewee:- For 1 and a half years.

Interviewer:- Akashdeep, is your companion, your father?

Interviewee:- Yes.

Interviewer:- Sir, what were the symptoms and how did you feel at that time?

Interviewee:- Sir, blood used to ooze out with my stools

Interviewer:- How many time you pass stool in a day?

Interviewee:- I used to pass stools for 8 to 9 times a day.

Interviewer:- You used to feel the pressure and did bleeding happen every time?

Interviewee:- Mucus comes out.

Interviewer:- Where did you get treated first.

Interviewee:- Sir, I went to 3,4 doctors in Bathinda, but to no effect, then I even tried an Ayurvedic doctor in Bathinda only, but still no effect.

Interviewer:- Then how come you got the information about Dr. Vikram?

Interviewee:- Sir, I saw his videos on You tube.

Interviewer:- Did you see the testimonials of different patients? So that made you gain faith and come over here.

Interviewee:- Yes sir, I gained the faith and thought lets visit him once, and I did pay him a visit 5 months back.

Interviewer:- Did you contact the Doctor personally or online?

Interviewee:- No sir, I met him personally. So, I did get the medicines and got my file made.

Interviewer:- After how many days did you feel the effects?

Interviewee:- Ma'am, after a month and a half, I reduced my stools to 6 times and later to 3, now I am totally relieved as I go once or twice a day. Now I have got another medicine for two months and then all medicines will be ended.

Interviewer:- Did he give you a diet chart?

Interviewee:- Yes sir, he did give me a diet chart.

Interviewer:- Akashdeep sir, will you show your prescription to the camera, so viewers can know when your treatment begins, it's in March, 13th March to be very precise, this is your introductory prescription when you visited the first time here, then April, May, June, July and now have you totally recovered? So this is your prescription of March, May. Is everything normal now?

Interviewee:- Yes, everything is normal.

Interviewer:- You don't have any mucus or bleeding or any motion?

Interviewee:- Nothing.

Interviewer:- This is the prescription of 13th July and any stomach ache.

Interviewee:- Nope.

Interviewer:- This is the prescription of 14th August meaning today's. Sir it is a good news for us that you have recovered totally.

Interviewee:- Ma'am the allopathic doctors had scared me that you will have to take this medicine for throughout your life. That you can never recover. My parents visited them. Then we came here and had a meeting with the doctor sir.

Interviewer:- Meaning they scared you that you have to take the steroids for your full life time But Sir steroids have lots of side effects. Now are you not taking any sort of steroids?

Interviewee:- I lost weight around 35kgs.

Interviewer:- Due to the steroids. The main reason was you were suffering from Ulcerative Colitis.

Interviewee:- I had a weakness, as I couldn't even walk.

Interviewer:- And now are you feeling totally fit?.

Interviewee:- Yes, my weight at that time was 62kg and now it has come to 66kg.

Interviewer:- It's a good news that you are gaining some weight too. How did you feel about this treatment?

Interviewee:- Doctor sir's treatment is too good. Initially the medical doctors had scared us that the kid has to take steroids for life time. Then, we came to Dr. Vikram Chauhan, who said that the medicine will have to be taken for a more 5 months and the kid will be totally fine. Whatever he said, is true.

Interviewer:- It's a good thing and how much do you feel that your kid has recovered?

Interviewee:- 75% he has recovered.

Interviewer:- You have to take some more medicines.

Interviewee:- Yes for 2 more months.

Interviewer:- Was there any change in your diet?

Interviewee:- Sir gave me a diet chart that I followed strictly, because diet plays an important role.

Interviewer:- Did you follow some home remedies?

Interviewee:- Yes, he asked me to have the juice of Pomegranate. I used to eat apple, papaya.

Interviewer:- So you are eating all these things. Do you eat banana too?

Interviewee:- Yes. Dairy products, milk products, tea, fast and packed foods are totally banned.

Interviewer:- Yes these packed food, fast food and junk food are never allowed and so does the milk products and meat products are also banned and are you not eating anything sour?

Interviewee:- No, I am not taking any chili. I have to follow the diet chart strictly.

Interviewer:- So that's why you got this result. Akashdeep Sir, Is there any message that you love to give to our viewers, who have a hope?

Interviewee:- I would like to say that anybody who is suffering from Ulcerative Colitis should come to Dr. Vikram Chauhan as even at a given time, even I had lost hope that I have to take the medicine for the whole life time, but then Dr. Vikram Chauhan said that I can be totally cured by 6 months and I will not take any medicine after that. I've taken the medicine for 5 months, just another month.

Interviewer:- Ok sir, thanks, even we feel happy that you have recovered.

Interviewee:- Even I thank you that you have my kid recovered with your medicine.

Interviewer:- Thanks sir that you came to our Planet Ayurveda centre and gave our viewers such a good information.


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