Raspberry - Useful Herb for Diarrhea | Urinary Problems | Kidney Stones and Fluid Retention


Rubus idaeus Rosaceae Also called Garden raspberry, European red raspberry

Native to both Europe and Asia, raspberry has long been grown for its sweet red berries. This deciduous biennial shrub with pale green leaves can reach a height of 2m. Clusters of white flowers appear in the second year of growth.

Parts used

  • Leaves and fruit
  • The leaves are used in infusions, liquid extracts and tablets.
  • The berries, used in decoctions, are ready from summer to early autumn.


The leaves contain polypeptides, flavonoids and tannins including anthocyan ins, while the fruit contains pectin, fruit sugars and acids. and vitamins A, B, and C.

Medicinal uses

A tea made from the leaves can be taken to treat diarrhea, urinary problems, kidney stones, gallstones, and fluid retention. Traditionally the leaves have been used just before and during labour to stimulate the uterus and bring on childbirth.

External applications of the leaves are used to treat eye inflammation, skin irritations and wounds, and excessive vaginal discharge. The berries also have an astringent action which helps to heal wounds. This may be due to the anthocyanins, which American scientists showed in 2001 could inhibit enzymes involved in the body's inflammatory response.


Plant young plants in moist. welldrained soil, in sun or partial shade.


  • Not recommended in pregnancy. except at the onset of labour.
  • If using during childbirth. medical supervision is strongly recommended.
  • Do not combine with drugs that lower blood sugar levels or the drug Antabuse.


For internal use

TO TREAT diarrhea, urinary infections
INFUSION Steep 1 teaspoon of dried leaves in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes, strain and drink three times a day. LIQUID EXTRACT Take 4-8ml in water three times a day. TINCTURE (1:4 in 25% alcohol) Take 20 drops in water three times a day after meals. TABLETS (raspberry leaf 900mg): Take 1 tablet twice a day with water.

For external use

TO TREAT skin ailments COMPRESS Soak a cloth in the infusion or diluted tincture and apply to affected area.



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