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Interviewer: Paramjit Ji, please share with us your experience about the treatment which you got from Dr. Vikram Chauhan at Planet Ayurveda and also throw some light on history of your disease that how this all happened.

Paramjit: This problem of Ulcerative Colitis started 6 years back. I live in Brampton, Canada. There doctor did my colonoscopy and told that I have this problem and it is not curable. I took Homeopathic and Ayurvedic treatment for long time but it didn't give desired results.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Ok you had Ayurvedic treatment at Canada.

Paramjit: Yes I took it there.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Was there sanjivani vati or Chitrakadi vati in that treatment, do you remember?

Paramjit: No, I don't remember.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Actually I have seen that normally our vaidyas believe that ulcerative colitis is pitta predominant disease therefore they give chitrakadi vati, sanjivani vati in its treatment. Don't eat ginger, garlic in this disease. Also avoid taking sanivani vati, chitrakadi vati in it. We prescribe Kutajghan vati. You had it?

Patient: Yes!

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: As kutaj is cool in nature and also digest ama. In colitis there is a production of amarasa (undigested food or toxins) and our vaidyas give medicines like sanjivani vati, agnitundi vati, chitrakadi vati and arogyavardhini vati which cause more loose stools.

Interviewer: Paramjit ji please tell us when you came to know about this for first time and what problems you did face?

Paramjit: It happened for first time in 2013 at that time I was passing very soft stool with bleeding. I also started losing my weight.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: How many times you passed stool at that time?

Paramjit: I had to pass stool 4-5 times and blood was also there.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Did blood come drop by drop or was it mixed with the stool?

Paramjit: It was mixed with stool. With time stool became very loose and later became watery.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Then you did colonoscopy and doctor told that it couldn't be cured.

Paramjit: Yes, they told that it couldn't be cured and after that I took homeopathy with that I got some relief but it was not up to the mark. Then me and my wife Amandeep searched over google about it and we found your video.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: How it came in your mind to search it over YouTube.

Female: Randomly I was searching for home remedies over google and YouTube.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: You were aware that it was ulcerative colitis.

Female: Yes, then we searched and we got your videos which shows that you have solution for ulcerative colitis.

Interviewer: So when did you start this treatment?

Paramjit: We started it in November 2018.

Interviewer: Ok November 2018.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: About 3 months back and now everything is fine.

Paramjit: I am totally fine and that's why I came here to say thanks to you by meeting personally with you. As doctors there told me that it has no cure and I really want to say thank you.

Interviewer: Dr. Sahab what treatment you gave to him please let our viewers know.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Look, I want to tell this that ulcerative colitis can be cured. Colitis patients develop fear in their mind and take medications like mesacol, esacol, steroids, immunosuppressants for very long period. These medications didn't cure the disease and it becomes cancer, patients don't get any way out and this leads to depression. And doctors tell that it has no cure. So due to this I have made all these videos to spread the message that it is curable and all patients with this problem should know this. Half of the battle in this disease is won with diet regulations. Follow the diet plan which I have provided. In that you can take curd, normally vaidyas say no it. In our Ayurveda it is mentioned that curd is abhisyandhi but I am using it positively for symptomatic relief. Look when we take curd with banana it makes our stool solid. Also take Khichadi. Sometimes I also tell to take decoction prepared with Jeera (cumin), sauf (fennel) and ajwain (carom) to prevent gas formation. So kutaj is a amapachak which digests the ama. This is Gurmail singh, he also has had same issue.

Interviewer: Gurmail Ji has came from from Barnala.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: He has same issue so I told him to be in this video. Half of this problem can be cured with the diet. I advised to take pomegranate juice, juice of sheesham leaves.

Paramjit: I got 100% relief from whatever medicines you had prescribed.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: His allopathic medicines are totally stopped. And I have told him to take Ayurvedic medicines 2-3 months more and after that stop them too.

Interviewer: We are using sheesham leaves in some of our preparations like cloto plan.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Yes, we are also using sheesham leaves in our preparation called cloto plan. As people were not able to get them, also marigold juice, decoction of outer skin of pomegranate.

Gurmail: It is very effective in this condition.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Now let's talk about Gurmail Ji.

Interviewer: Gurmail Ji when did you get this problem?

Gurmail: It happened to me 3- 3.5 years back, at that time I used to pass loose stools many times.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: How many times you passed stool?

Gurmail: In starting about 3-4 times.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Was there blood?

Gurmail: Yes there was a blood and mucus was present. In starting blood came mixed with stool but when time passed it start coming separately. And then I did my test, and it was diagnosed as ulcerative colitis.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Did you take medicines like mesacol?

Gurmail: Yes I did. First from Bathinda, then from DMC Ludhiana, after taking those medicines and following some diet regimen again this problem started.

Interviewer: How you came to know about Dr. Sahab?

Gurmail: Just through internet.

Interviewer: So when you started the treatment.

Gurmail: 6 months back.

Interviewer: How's your condition now?

Gurmail: I am quite fine now.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Now he is very much fine about 100%. Last month he came and he told 99.9% he is fine.

Gurmail: Now I am very much fine, totally fine.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: There is no blood now.

Gurmail: Yes now there is no blood.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Not taking any allopathic medicine, there is no mucus now, and stool is coming in solid form.

Gurmail: Yes, there is no mucus and stool is fine now.

Interviewer: Dr Sahab please tell me what medicines you have prescribed to him?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: I have given kutajghan vati to both of them. And after that Pitta balance, Praval panchamrit, and Vatasakadi churna are the normal medicines which I mostly prescribed. I have also put them over the website by the name of Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack. And I add praval panchamrit to it mostly. And those who are from far or outside the country I usually recommend them to start with ulcerative care pack. Even if they have no interaction with me but this is basic treatment.

Interviewer: You recommend ulcerative colitis care pack to these patients.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan:: Same I recommend as it is a pitta predominant disease and Piita balance is there, which pacifies pitta, and avoid foods which have hot potency and can add Praval Panchamrit too.

Interviewer: Dr sahab you also give Arjuna capsules in its treatment?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Arjuna is there in pack itself. You also took Arjuna. Sometimes I also gave vasaka. Vasa is a herb which is cool in nature and where ever there is bleeding you can give it. Arjuna can be given also.

Paramjit: I didn't get bleeding again and also passing solid stool now a days. I also started gaining weight as I had lost too much weight earlier. I am totally healthy now. There is no stress and I have been benefitted to the fullest.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: I want to tell my viewers that don't take stress. Because stress has relation with gut mainly colon which is large intestine. It is a main site of vayu. So as vayu gets vitiated and the diseases develop.

Paramjit: Stress is natural as when doctor would tell you that it has no cure.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: I am telling on camera that it has a cure and as I told don't take stress due to which it is also called as shokaj, bhayaj grahini. It occurs due to ama and also called as raktatisara,Pittaatisara and known with lots of name in ayurveda. So due to this disease has a relation with mind. So to calm down the mind is very necessary. So for that purpose of calming down the mind I have started making videos of my patients.

Paramjit: That's very good, even I want to tell to all those who are going to watch this video that meet doctors personally and take his guidance and from my heart I want to thank you and I was also interested to meet you personally that's why I stayed back as I am going back to Canada. So that I can say thanks to you. Otherwise I am already taking your medicines. Personally I want to thank you. It's nice meeting you.

Interviewer: After seeing this video many people will get encouragement that they can also get cured.

Gurmail: Anyone who has this problem should come here to see the doctor.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Even if they can't meet me still they should follow the diet chart and start with ulcerative colitis care pack through online or through our distributor.

Paramjit: Doctor Sahab I have followed your diet chart. You told to stop milk, tea, cheese which I have stopped totally. You told that I can take curd and buttermilk which I took and it showed good results.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Take lassi only after churning out whole butter from curd. That is called takra (buttermilk), some people churn the curd little bit and then have it which is not good. Only take one whose whole butter has been churned out. One can take ghee also which will help in gain the weight. One teaspoon of cow's ghee can be taken in the morning and evening.

Paramjit: Weight is increasing automatically now.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: That's very good.

Interviewer: Paramjit ji we are very thankful to you for sharing your view and Gurmail Ji we are thankful to you also. Thank you Ji.


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