Alternative Treatment of ITP (Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura) - Real Testimonial

Interviewer: Namaste sir, Namaste mam. Please tell us your name and from where you have come.

Male: We are from Rohtak in Haryana.

Interviewer: For which problem, you are consulting Dr. Vikram Chauhan and who is the patient.

Female: Mam, our granddaughter is the patient. She was diagnosed with ITP. She was playing and suddenly blood came out of her mouth. Then we took her to Bhiwani hospital. There her platelet count was found to be 7000. They refer her to PGI Rohtak.

Interviewer: What's her age?

Female: When this bleeding occurred, she was 5 yrs. old.

Manish: When this episode occurred?

Female: It happened 2 yrs. back.

Interviewer: Ok then you showed her at bhiwani?

Female: Yes, they refer her to PGI, Rohtak from Bhiwani.

Interviewer: Ok, after that, her treatment is going on from PGI ROHTAK.

Female: Yes.

Interviewer: When did you consult Dr Vikram Chauhan here?

Male: Initially, we searched net, and then we came to know about him that he is treating this disease. After that we brought her here.

Interviewer: When you brought her here?

Female: We came here 1 yr. back.

Interviewer: So you came 1 yr back. After that, you started treatment from here.

Male: Yes, for 6 months we took treatment and now she is very much fine and cured.

Interviewer: So for 6 months you took treatment.

Female: Yes and now she is totally fine.

Interviewer: Ok, what is her platelet count now?

Female: 4 lakh

Interviewer: Since how long they are coming in normal count.

Female: Within one month of taking medicines her platelet count started increasing. And we have given her medicine for 6 months and now her platelet count is normal.

Interviewer: So your granddaughter is fine now and her platelet count is normal.

Male: Yes, after that in 2016 I also fell ill and in 2017 I also came to Dr. Vikram Chauhan for treatment.

Interviewer: For what problem you took treatment from here.

Male: My platelets were also low.

Interviewer: Ok your platelets were also low, you are her maternal grandfather.

Male: Yes, I also took medicines for 3-4 months and I am also fit now.

Interviewer: So in 3-4 months your count came normal, how low was your platelet count.

Male: My platelet count was not going more than 80000.

Interviewer: What is your count now?

Male: 1 lakh 82 thousand.

Interviewer: Now are you taking treatment or not?

Female: We took treatment for 9 months, but counts came normal within 2 months of treatment.

Interviewer: So first your granddaughter than you took treatment and got cured.

Female: And now my treatment is going on.

Interviewer: For what problem you are taking treatment?

Female: There is a cyst like growth in my throat for which doctors have told for operation. But from here I am taking medicines since 1 month and I am feeling the results as its size have reduced.

Interviewer: So you are also getting relief from the cystic growth in the throat.

Male: Yes, she has relief.

Manish: So first your granddaughter than both of you has treatment from here and everybody got positive results.

Male: Yes, we got very good treatment.

Interviewer: And you keep in contact with Dr. Vikram Chauhan and he guides you properly.

Male: Yes, he guides us properly.

Female: He is a very nice person. In PGI, doctors told that there is no treatment for this problem and we became very sad after hearing this.

Interviewer: We can understand mam.

Female: Yes, as she is so small in age, then we searched net and then we came here.

Interviewer: And you also get the results.

Manish: It is a very positive result that from 7000 platelet counts now it is 4 lakh.

Interviewer: That is a huge difference. Ok, what message you want to give to our viewers? As we'll upload this video on Youtube and people get motivated for treatment so what is your message?

Male: Our message will be that every person getting treatment gets cured, and every patient should come here. We are very thankful to Dr. Vikram Chauhan that he cured us with his good line of treatment.

Female: Our granddaughter is cured and healthy due to Dr. Vikram Chauhan.

Interviewer: It is a very encouraging mam. We feel very satisfied by seeing patients getting cured are feeling positive.

Male: Even the staff is very good and their behavior is also very nice.

Interviewer: Thank you so much and thanks for coming. God bless you and you stay healthy.


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