Alternative Treatment of ITP & Platelet Disorder - True Testimonial

Interviewer: Hello Sir, what is your name?

Male: My name is Pawan Kumar.

Interviewer: Which place do you belong to?

Male: I belong to Ballia district in UP.

Interviewer: What was your health issue?

Male: I was a patient of ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura) and I was diagnosed with ITP. I was doing MBA from Lucknow and came to know about it in July. There was bleeding from my gums.

Interviewer: Sir, please speak little louder.

Male: There was bleeding from gums, and on sneezing also bleeding occurred. At that point I was not able to understand that it was ITP. Then I came home. Then, my father got me admitted to BHU, Banaras for check-up. There they did bone marrow test and diagnosed that I had ITP. There I took treatment for three months during which platelets were transfused too. Platelets were given to me regularly. Then they started Omnacarstin but in those three months there was no improvement. Sometimes count reached 25000, sometimes 30000 or 40000 and again 25000. So for three months this kept happening. Then I saw Dr. Chauhan on YouTube and came to know that ITP patients have got cured from here. Then I thought we should also meet him. So I came here 4 months back in November. So it's been about four months taking treatment. When I came here four months back my platelet count was only 12000 in first month. In second month my count rose to 30000. After that for one month I didn't go for my platelet count. Then I did my platelet count in fourth month and this time results were very great as my count came 3,80,000. You can see it. It is my latest report.

Interviewer: It is your latest report. When it was done?

Interviewer-2: It was done on 5th March and platelet count is 3,80,000 here. And what was your minimum count?

Male: My minimum count was 9000.

Interviewer-2: Ok. The minimum count was 9000 and was any IVIG given to you?

Male: No

Interviewer: Ok, only platelets were transfused and you were given steroids too.

Male: Yes.

Interviewer: What was its dose? Was it 30 mg?

Male: 25 mg

Interviewer: Are you taking them still?

Male: No, I stopped them since I started taking medicines from here.

Interviewer: From 4 months you are taking medicines from Planet Ayurveda only. It means you stopped all allopathic medicines when you started treatment from here. Please show our viewers what medicines you are taking?

Interviewer-2: These are some bhasma preparations and some other medicines.

Interviewer: Do you feel healthy now?

Male: Yes

Interviewer: That's a great news. What message do you want to convey to our viewers regarding ITP?

Male: My message is that ITP patients should visit here, and meet Dr. Vikram Chauhan and start your treatment from here as I have full belief that you will be cured. As I got cured like that I want all ITP patients should not waste their time in search of cure and should directly come here and they will get fine.

Interviewer: Sir, I want to take your little bit more time. When your Ayurvedic treatment was going on from here, during that period did you make any dietary changes?

Male: Yes, I did, as sir told me not to take sour things, milk and milk products and sweets.

Interviewer: So you followed this diet. Were you provided with any diet chart?

Male: Yes, it was given to me.

Interviewer: So you followed that accordingly. You took all the juices which were mentioned in that?

Male: Yes Ma'am.

Interviewer: Thank you sir, for coming to Planet Ayurveda and giving nice information to our viewers. Thank you very much.

Male: Thank you.


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