Ayurvedic Medicines to Lower Your Creatinine Levels Naturally - Avoid Dialysis | Real Testimonial

Interviewer: Namaskar Sir, Namaskar Mam.

Patient: Namaskar sir.

Interviewer: I welcome you both at Planet Ayurveda. Sir and Ma'am, I would like to know your names.

Patient: My name is jagdeep singh. She is my sister Manjeet Kaur.

Interviewer: Sir where have you come from?

Patient: We basically belong to Pathankot. My sister belongs from a village near Pathankot. I have recently migrated to Australia.

Interviewer: Sir who is the patient?

Patient: Sir my sister.

Interviewer: Sir what was the health problem that made you contact us?

Patient: Last year she had few body problems. Body sickness, weakness, pains itching. Many problems occurred, due to which she was unable to eat and work properly. She was very weak. She contacted a doctor in Pathankot. They told her to do some tests. Through tests we found out that her creatinine level was too high. We were suggested to go for dialysis. We didn't want to go for dialysis. My sister contacted a doctor in Jalandhar. Even the doctor advised her for dialysis. She was prescribed with few medicines. Within 10 days her creatinine level jumped from 7.6 to 13.6. Instead of decreasing it increased which was shocking for us. When I came to know about it I searched on internet and suggested her about Planet Ayurveda and take herbal medicines which would be more suitable for her body.

Interviewer: Since how long you have been taking treatment from Planet Ayurveda?

Patient: We started in June / July 2017. Almost 8 months.

Interviewer: Before the treatment how much was the creatinine level?

Patient: When we first came here it was 13.36.

Interviewer: Can we show your reports to our viewers?

Patient: Yes. It was 13.6.

Interviewer: What is the level of creatinine now?

Patient: Now it is decreasing slowly. Now the result is 5.4. It is not within limits but still much better than before.

Interviewer: So it is decreasing.

Patient: Yes, it is.

Interviewer: Can we see your prescription?

Patient: Yes, this is the latest prescription.

Interviewer: Please show your latest reports.

Patient: This is the report. Creatinine is 5.4

Interviewer: Did you change your diet during the treatment?

Patient: Yes sir.

Interviewer: So you followed the diet chart strictly given to you by doctor. I would like to show it to the patients. Thank you sir. Sir what message would you like to give to our kidney patients?

Patient: I would say to contact, have trust and take medicine as guided. I have become healthy, so will you. We would also say that if you have any kidney related issue, do follow the diet chart. We are following it. You may take medicines from Planet Ayurveda. Follow the diet chart strictly. You will get positive results.

Interviewer: Thank you Sir. Thank you ma'am. Thank you for visiting Planet Ayurveda and sharing valuable information to our viewers.

Patient: Thank you sir.


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