How Ulcerative Colitis can be Treated? - True Testimonial

Interviewer: Greetings Sir/ Ma'am

Interviewee: Greetings.

Interviewer: I welcome both of you to Planet Ayurveda. What's your name?

Interviewee: Satwant Kaur Monga

Interviewer: And your sir.

Interviewee: J. S. Monga

Interviewer: Where have you come from?

Interviewee: From Sujanpur in UP.

Interviewer: As told by you ma'am, your son suffered from Ulcerative Colitis (UC).

Interviewee: Hmm…yes

Interviewer: Please tell us in detail, what were the symptoms, when was it diagnosed and from where you got him treated and what was its effect?

Interviewee: The disease started in 2011.

Interviewer: What were the symptoms?

Interviewee: Blood started oozing out with the stools.

Interviewer: Yeah

Interviewee: We kept examining him at Sujanpur but he never got any benefit. Then we took him to Bareilly but even there he had little or no effect. Then we went to Apollo in New Delhi and had some medicine and then went to Ganga Ram. By this time he had got frustrated and started crying. Gas used to accumulate and his mind was also not working properly. When Ganga Ram medicines had no effect we came to Chandigarh and met doctor sir.

Interviewer: For how many times he used to pass stools in a day?

Interviewee: In the morning he used to sit but only water came out and not the stools.

Interviewer: There was mucus and bleeding and the problem was very serious.

Interviewee: Yeah

Interviewer: The problem had become critical and you must have been feeling quite depressed. So how did you come to know about Dr. Vikram Chauhan and Planet Ayurveda?

Interviewee: We saw it in our mobiles on the net and so we reached here.

Interviewer: When did you visit here for the first time?

Interviewee: We …hmm about 5 months back.

Interviewer: That means you started the treatment 5 months ago.

Interviewee: Within 1, 2 months he had lots of effects, his weight started increasing around 5, 6 kg. These medicines are really effective. He wakes up fresh and going to the gym regularly.

Interviewer: So now he is perfectly fine and weight is also increasing.

Interviewee: yeah, he has increased weight by 5, 6 kg.

Interviewer: Did Dr. Vikram Chauhan altered his diet?

Interviewee: Yeah, He was banned from milk but was told to eat a lot of fruits.

Interviewer: Generally doctor sir bans dairy products and some citrus fruits are also avoided.

Interviewee: Yeah he did ban for 1 or 2 months but later started having them but occasionally.

Interviewer: Is the medicine still going on?

Interviewee: Yeah but has healed him immensely.

Interviewer: OK, now I would like you to put a message for the viewers that are watching you, what would you say?

Interviewee: The doctor, Dr. Vikram Chauhan over here is an excellent person, my son got the comfort back, and allopathy has no cure for that.

Interviewer: Thanks Ma'am, Thanks Sir, Both of you have given your valuable time and useful information to our viewers, thank you Sir.

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