How I fought against Bartholin Cyst? - Patient's Review on Planet Ayurveda

"I felt as if I had a void in my life and everything is over"

Accepting your situation, taking charge of my life and moving forward with a heavy heart. This attitude has played an important part in my recovery story. I started believing that I had something to contribute to the wellness of society, living a positive life and help others to lead one.

After two weeks of my marriage, I noticed a non-infected tender lump near vaginal opening which was painless. It was uncomfortable while walking and sitting. I discussed this problem with my gynecologist; neither I nor the doctor sensed the urgency and no one has thought that this would be life-threatening. After two weeks of continuing the medication prescribed, I was much relieved than my initial condition. I was very happy with the thought that now I can go for our pre-planned trip to Bali, Indonesia; a dream destination to all. But yes, me and the love of my life, my better half was lucky enough to visit there.

So, after reaching to Uluwatu, which is a southeastern part of Bali and a known surfing destination in Bali. We usually don't spend quality time together but with god's grace had got one. We rented bikes for exploring the place, the climate there was hot and humid but some regions at higher altitudes have really pleasant weather. The beautiful scenic sunset and Green bowl beach had added on to this unique experience. The whole week just vanished like a soap bubble and we have to board the flight with suitcases full of memories.

But twist and turn are a part of the journey…

Reaching back to home with all the responsibilities and hustle at work seemed quite unbearable after such a relaxing break. One day I gain noticed creamy yellow discharge which scared me and gave me goosebumps for a while. And I may also feel a lump again but this time bigger than the last time. I was afraid that what if I have carried some severe infection or it may some sexually transmitted disease. My heart and mind were stormed with thoughts and fear.

So I consulted my gynecologist again but with a slightly bigger issue. My doctor was nice enough to tell me all the scientific facts about my condition. She explained to me that I have been diagnosed with a Bartholin cyst which can affect every other woman and is more common in sexually active women. This can occur in any age group that too sometimes with unknown causes; sometimes few bacterial strains can be responsible for the onset. She enlightened me with the complications that may occur and if not treated well can lead to an abscess. She also confirmed to me that the size of the cysts can increase vary from a lentil to a gold ball. This is the point I felt my career and marriage can get affected by this.

Humans are doomed to make choices and this is the greatest paradox…

My doctor informed me about the possible treatments which are involved and recommended in Bartholin cysts includes marsupialization, needle aspirations, gland excision, etc. Hearing these medical terminologies makes me beat faster and gave me cold feet. I never wanted to go for surgeries ever in my life but at this point, I felt like what if I was left with no option but surgery. Now I have made a choice which had made me frustrated, stressed and irritated most of the time. I discussed the issues with my husband because deep down he was also disturbed with the instances happening. He has been supportive throughout this fuss.

Inside out!!

Although I was having family, friends, and well-wishers besides me who have taken care of me and helped me with acceptance. But it was very important for me to cope up with the day to day tasks and responsibilities. I was spending each day with hope which is a cornerstone of recovery and with faith in my heart.

I constantly seek for solutions and natural ways to avoid surgery and modern medicine. It obviously enlightened me and helped me diagnosed it but till this time I have realized the fact that this cannot eliminate the root cause. This treatment will only suppress the cause, and this insecurity leads me to Ayurveda. Yes, Ayurveda which is our wisdom and could be my life savior. Somewhere in my heart, I felt the satisfaction and good instinct that the day is not that far when everything will be back to normal.

I found hope in the darkest of days…

The god's grace came to me in the form of Planet Ayurveda, with its headquarters located in Mohali, Punjab. My husband helped me find this organization, we saw all the reviews given by the patients who have recovered with good results. We talked to them and after the satisfaction, we decided to visit the clinic. We met Dr. Vikram Chauhan, CEO, and founder of Planet Ayurveda. He is the most modest and humble person I have ever met. Anyways I told me every bit of my suffering and journey with Bartholin cyst. Dr. Vikram prescribed me some herbal supplements which included Gandhak Rasayan, Kanchnaar guggul, and Female Health Support. He also recommended a local application namely Planet rose soap which was an amazing formulation. Dr. Vikram asked me to wash the affected area with Arjun Saar along with Sphatika bhasm on a regular basis. I just follow the prescriptions for about 2 months and I have recovered up to a great extent. Then we again ordered the supplements which were easily couriered to us at our location.

How it felt to be normal!!!

I don't have words how thankful I am to Ayurveda and especially to Planet Ayurveda who is spreading and helping people by providing their soulful service globally. After one year of struggle and suffering, I have started living my normal life. I could wake up, made everyone breakfast and could finally be a regular employee at work. This had become possible because of Planet Ayurveda and my decision to adopt this method for natural healing.

Thank you Planet Ayurveda!!

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