What is the Best Alternative Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis? - Real Testimonial

Interviewer: Namaste Mam

Female: Namaste Sir

Interviewer: I welcome you to Planet Ayurveda. What is your name?

Female: Krishna sawant

Interviewer: From where you have come?

Female: Naya Nangal

Interviewer: What health problem do you have, for which you have come to Dr. Vikram Chauhan for treatment?

Female: Last year, I was diagnosed with colitis for which I took treatment from Fortis hospital, which leads to so many side effects in my body.

Interviewer: What symptoms you were facing in ulcerative colitis.

Female: I got indigestion, pain in stomach, laziness and weakness. Then I had treatment from Fortis, which leads to many side effects in my body.

Interviewer: How many times you passed stool in a day?

Female: About 20-25 times.

Interviewer: Was there any bleeding and presence of mucus during the passing of stool?

Female: Bleeding was less, but mucus comes out in excess amount.

Interviewer: Ok, so bleeding was less and mucus was in excess and 20-25 motions in a day you have in past. So how you came to know about Dr. Vikram Chauhan.

Female: Through youtube, I came to know about him. We searched the net and found he have great results and patients are getting relief then we came to him.

Interviewer: When you contacted him?

Female: Last month

Interviewer: So it's only one month since you have visited him and taking medicines.

Female: Yes I took medicine only for 1 month and I am totally fine with in 1 month and feeling much better.

Interviewer: What medicines Dr. Vikram Chauhan has prescribed to you?

Female: The medicines given to me were advised to take twice in a day.

Interviewer: Can you tell us the name of the medicines which he has prescribed to you.

Female: I can't remember the names at this moment.

Interviewer: Ok, so what dietary changes you have brought to your lifestyle on Dr. Vikram Chauhan's advice?

Female: I have stopped taking spicy foods, cheese, milk and milk products ginger and garlic.

Interviewer: You were provided with diet chart from Dr. Vikram Chauhan.

Female: Yes I have been. This is my diet chart you can have look at it.

Interviewer: Please show it our viewers. So you followed this diet chart.

Female: Yes, I have strictly followed it for 1 month and within 10 days I got good results. Now I have come for my second visit to him. We get good help from diet chart.

Interviewer: Ok, mam did you followed any home remedies with this diet chart or with medicines? Like Dr. Sahib might have told you to take decoction of pomegranate peals.

Female: Yes, he told me to take pomegranate juice, apple juice whatever he had told me, I am taking it regularly. Also banana was also told.

Interviewer: What was the opinion of allopathic doctor's about its treatment?

Female: I didn't go to them after getting side effects.

Interviewer: But what they told about its treatment in the starting?

Female: They said they don't have its treatment, they told you have to take treatment whole life. And first take medicines from 1-1.5 yrs then we will do colonoscopy again to review, then we will tell you that you have to stop medicines or not.

Interviewer: How much relief you have got from Ayurvedic medicines?

Female: More than 90-95 % and doctor have stopped all my medicines now.

Interviewer: Mam, what message you want to give to our viewers who are watching this video and most of them will be ulcerative colitis patients.

Female: I just want to tell them at least give one visit to Dr. Chauhan and they will get good relief within 3-4 months of treatment.

Interviewer: Thank you mam for visiting planet ayurveda and sharing this valued information with our viewers.

Female: Thank you so much.


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