Getting Relief from Ulcerative Colitis Through Ayurvedic Herbal Remedies - Real Testimonial

Interviewer: Namaskar Sir/Mam, Namaskar DR Sahib. I welcome you all to Planet Ayurveda health care center. Mam, for what health issue you are taking treatment from here.

Male: For ulcerative colitis.

Interviewer: Who have ulcerative colitis?

Male: My sister

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Let me ask the questions. What's your name?

Female: Yogita

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: So Yogita ji, please tell me about your problem.

Yogita: I was having weakness, not able to eat food, stomach pain, there was bleeding in stool. I have to go toilet for about 20-25 times. I lost hope for life. For three years, I took lots of medicines, but got no result.

Male: She had allopathic treatment.

Yogita: I have not taken food properly for 4 years.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: ok, you have to go toilet to pass stool after taking food and then YOU have blood in stool. Then you diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Had you done biopsy too?

Yogita: Yes, biopsy was also done.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: When a patient does biopsy, they sometimes do it again and again. They took medicine for some times, and then again, do the biopsy. They change doctor and he also asks for biopsy again. In a biopsy, they take out a small piece from intestines again and again, which is very painful too but it is not needed. So I will suggest that don't go for biopsy again and again. They do this to rule out cancer. But cancer doesn't occur so fast and it takes time to occur. And in ayurveda, the cure for this disease is possible. It is curable. Then what you did after checking yourself in Mumbai, pune and all other doctors. All these doctors gave you mesacol, corticosteroids, azorine and enemas. So are you getting relief from all those medications?

Yogita: No, I did not get proper relief. For 2-3 months, I feel relief, then again all symptoms arise.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: As they have come from the long journey and so she is tired and so I have to speak a lot on her behalf.

Yogita: For two months, there was lots of blood loss and I felt very weakness and my hemoglobin was also 3gm and had a blood transfusion.

Male: When she had severe dehydration, we watched your video and ordered medicines online. After she had a blood transfusion, its next day medicines arrived and we started the medicines. It's about one month and since we have started the medicine. She is fine. There are no pain and bleeding is less now and food is also digesting properly.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Bleeding got less or stopped.

Male: As she goes twice to toilet, then little bit blood comes.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Ok so now she goes twice to toilet as compare to past when she was going about 25 times. So it's very good as she has to go twice now as its very irritating to go so many times to toilet and also patient develop depression and become sad and also develop negative attitude towards life.

Yogita: Yes it's correct. It lose hope for life.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: They lose hope for life. But it is not right, God have given us lots of herbs on earth to fight with such diseases and in ayurveda such herbs have been written as I told you about kutaj. Kutaj is a tree and you can prepare decoction of its bark or prepare tablets from it as we give kutajghan vati and it gives relief. So like this Prawal panchamrit, Arjun tree, its barks extract is also used by us to prepare tablets or satva. So you took kutajghan vati, vatsakadi Churna, and pitta balance. So you have these four tablets and have relief now.

Yogita: Before taking these medicines, I was not getting relief from 4 yrs. Previously, I was not able to eat food, but since I am taking your medicines I am eating food properly.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: I want to give this message to people that Ayurvedic treatments and methods of Ayurvedic treatment are very ancient and are effective and give relief to patients. I have told in so many videos that take curd and banana and avoid milk, cheese and buttermilk in this disease.

Male: One other important thing that allopathic doctors told that this disease is not 100% curable, but if you take Ayurvedic treatment properly then it is totally curable. And we have believed in Ayurveda that it can cure the patient

Yogita: In Maharashtra, we did not know that we can cure this problem through Ayurveda.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: In Maharashtra is it not known that it can be cured with ayurveda. There are so many Ayurvedic colleges there.

Yogita: So he saw your video and through that I came to know about you.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: It's ok. We made your video so that people search you too, and the little bit problem left will take 1-2 months to cure and allopathic medicine is stopped and after that Ayurvedic treatment will also be stopped. There are so many patients who have stopped medicines. But you have come from so far.

Male: But we will come to meet you again.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: When you will come again. We will make video again.

Yogita: Previously I was not getting proper sleep. Now I am getting good sleep.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Did you gain weight?

Yogita: Yes sir, 4 kg increased.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Ok 4 kg increased; previously your weight was very low.

Male: We think that due to you she gets bonus life.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Ok then its good.

Interviewer: Thank you Dr Sahib, thank you sir, thank you mam.


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