Gum Care Powder - Best Medicine for Treatment of Gum Disease

Gum Care Powder

  • Based on an excellent herbal formula, treats tooth and gum problems
  • Brightens tooth luster and make for a healthier mouth
  • Prevents decay of the tooth gum

Our Gum Care Powder is made from complex formulations including a sophisticated combination of herbs responsible to increase effectiveness and also prevents decay of the tooth gum. The herbal products are based on extensive research of the medicinal use of herbs that has been applied to diseased gums. Highest quality herbs have been used and no chemicals have been used so as dilute its effectiveness.

Directions for use - It has been recommended to use Gum Care Powder daily as oral rinse and dentifrice to cleanse and refresh gums

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Each Bottle Contains 100 gram powder. $24.95 for 1 Bottle | Minimum $28.95 for 2 Bottles

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