ITP & Ayurvedic Treatment | Low Platelet Count, Bleeding Disorder | Real Testimonial

Interviewer: Namaste sir. I welcome you at Planet Ayurveda.

Patient: Thank you ji.

Interviewer: Sir please tell me your names.

Patient: My name is Sunil. Sir I am Sushil. And I am mukesh.

Interviewer: And sir from where have you come?

Patient: I have come from Dehradun.

Interviewer: Sir what was the problem which made you visit us and meet Dr. Vikram

Patient: I was diagnosed with ITP in January 2018.

Interviewer: What kind of symptoms did you face?

Patient: I developed blisters / ulcers in my mouth very similar to jamun. Then suddenly my gums started to bleed. Nose and mouth also started to bleed. There was a hospital nearby. I was admitted there. I was admitted for 10 days there. Then came to know that I had ITP. Then the treatment started.

Interviewer: So your platelets decreased.

Patient: It came to 140. When I was discharged the next week the platelets fell to 74000. I was taking steroids too. After 3-4 days I again tested then it dropped to 60000. It was going down gradually. I will show you the report. This 74000 report. And after this was 60000. And my blood sugar increased to 280.

Interviewer: Because you were taking steroids so it imbalanced your blood sugar level. When did you contact dr. vikram? And how did you come to know that you have to contact here.

Patient: Somebody told me about him. His relative stays here. So I came through his reference. I had also watched few videos previously.

Interviewer: Since how long your treatment is going on here?

Patient: Last month I came on 16th April here.

Interviewer: I would like to show this prescription.

Patient: Today is 12th may. This is your planet's prescription.

Interviewer: So it's been a month since the treatment began. I would like to show this to our viewers. So now your platelets have increased to 185000. Even your blood sugar level has come in balance.

Patient: Doctor told me to eat now two days medicine and no more.

Interviewer: What is your opinion regarding allopathy and Ayurveda?

Patient: Sir I respect Ayurveda from very beginning. Only in case of emergency I go for allopathy. But since the day I came here, I started respecting Dr. Vikram. Because it is not possible to feel improved and healthy so fast. Sir told me that now it won't decrease but will increase.

Interviewer: What kind of diet did you follow? Did he gave you any strict instruction?

Patient: Yes he gave me a diet chart. I don't have it right now. I have pasted at my home.

Interviewer: Are you strictly following it?

Patient: Yes.

Interviewer: Any tips you would like to give to our viewers.

Patient: I take green juice in morning. My wife makes it and then after my meals I take it. Then I take red juice.

Interviewer: So you are following the diet chart exactly.

Patient: I don't take any bakery product. I don't take anything.

Interviewer: Diet is very important along with treatment. I would like to show your prescription to our viewers. And I show the kind of prescription given by doctor Vikram. These are your medicines - Pitta Balance, Ashwagandha Capsules, Gandhak Rasayan, Swarn Vasant Malti Ras, Immune Booster, Praval Panchamrit and the other medicine are syrups. This is your prescription.

Patient: Sir I am very happy because doctors had scared me a lot before. Doctors told me that I might have to face many problems and to eat medicine lifelong. They also said in case of complication we might have to remove your spleen.

Interviewer: Yes the spleen organ is removed.

Patient: They also said that sometimes the disease does not heal even.

Interviewer: So you had lost all hope for allopathy.

Patient: Yes, I was too scared and tensed. The previous day also I was too scared. But today I have come with happiness.

Interviewer: What message would you like to give to our ITP patients?

Patient: I would say that Vikram sir is like God to us. Nobody can cure anyone so fast. Especially in case of such serious disease.

Interviewer: Yes. It becomes a life threatening disease.

Patient: I would suggest every person watching this to visit here and take medicine.

Interviewer: Thankyou sir for coming and sharing your valuable information with our patients.

Patient: Thankyou sir.


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