How to Cure ITP (Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura)? - Real Testimonial

Interviewer: Hello, Mr. Chauhan ji. What is your full name?

Patient: Pradeep Chauhan

Interviewer: Pradeep Chauhan Ji few minutes before you told me that your kid's treatment is going on from here. For which problem you are taking the treatment?

Patient: Sir, I was taking the treatment for ITP.

Interviewer: What is the age of the kid?

Patient: He is 3 years old.

Interviewer: Son or daughter?

Patient: Son.

Interviewer: How did you come to know that he is having ITP?

Patient: Initially we use to give him pomegranate to eat and we saw very minute blood spots on his face. We used to think its stain of pomegranate which is red. We cleaned it but the spots remained there. In our village we have doctor he said he has some allergy take him to Meerut. In starting we took him to Meerut.

Interviewer: Ok you took him to Meerut.

Patient: Yes we took him to Ravi Chauhan mariot and he told to get his platelets checked, and platelets were 28000.

Interviewer: Ok, he must have got some doubt that there must be some problem related to platelets.

Patient: Then he got the bone marrow test, then he was diagnosed with ITP.

Interviewer: Ok, at that time what was the platelet count?

Patient: It was 28000.

Interviewer: At that time the kid was 2years or 2.5 years.

Patient: He was 2.5 years

Interviewer: Than what treatment you got?

Patient: 1- 2 times when his platelets came down, we have Bhagyashree hospital in meerut they infused the platelets 1-2 times. Then he said without wasting time take him to All India (AIMS) Delhi. But we did not get the number in AIMS. Then we went to delegate pratapgarh hospital Delhi we got the number. Started the treatment and took for long time. Every week he used to be hospitalized and platelets used to be infused and it used to reach 2.5-3 lakh and in a week it used to be left with 8000 to 10000. I work in Delhi at petrol pump I do up and down from my village for duty. One day I was going by vehicle and searched in you tube for ITP disease does it has any treatment or not. Then I saw Dr. Vikram Chauhan sir address.

Interviewer: Ok then you saw the video and got the address.

Patient: Yes than I got the address and came here.

Interviewer:When did you come to know about us?

Patient: I searched in Youtube and then I came here.

Interviewer:When did you came here?

Patient: Sir it was 3 months ago.

Interviewer: 3 months ago you came to know and you came here and started the treatment. Dr. must have given you Ayurvedic medicines and you must have faced lot of problem in giving the medicine to the kid.

Patient: Yes he had problem but than in 2-3 days he started taking properly. We used to give him medicine forcefully and get the platelets checked.

Interviewer: In how many days you find that medicine is showing result on the kid.

Patient: In 10- 12 days we could see the result of the medicines.

Interviewer: Did you get the platelets checked?

Patient: Yes sir, we keep getting his platelets checked at present his platelets are 2 lakhs.

Interviewer: How long it has been that you are taking the treatment?

Patient: Sir he took your medicine only for 1 month.

Interviewer: Is the child perfectly fine?

Patient: Yes sir he is perfectly ok. His medicines are stopped from many days.

Interviewer: Is his platelets stable?

Patient: Yes it stable.

Interviewer: How much it is?

Patient: It is 1 lakh and 98 thousand got it checked 10 days back. It's not decreasing.

Interviewer: Baby is very small anything in diet.

Patient: In diet sir we cared a lot. Gave him fruit and milk.

Interviewer: What you gave and what not. Dr. must have told you what fruit should be given and what not, please tell us.

Patient: Sir he gave in written.

Interviewer: Your wife must have been following.

Patient: Yes, he gave diet chart.

Interviewer: So you followed the diet chart?

Patient: Yes we followed.

Interviewer: So you said medicine is stopped, since when?

Patient: It is stopped since 2 months.

Interviewer: You saw and came to us 3 months before took medicine for 1month and the child is cured.

Patient: Yes he is properly cured.

Interviewer: Today you came here to thank Dr. Vikram Chauhan or what?

Patient: Sir I came specially to thank Dr.

Interviewer: That's nice, now your child is properly cured.

Patient: Your treatment is very nice. It is the best.

Interviewer: Please give some message to our viewers who are seeing.

Patient: I want to tell the viewers, ITP treatment in Ayurveda is the best treatment from here. I have tried from many places.

Interviewer: It's really nice that we get appreciated because of Ayurveda that we are working well and keep working. Thank you Mr. Chauhan.

Patient: Thank you.


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