Ascites, Liver Cirrhosis Cure by Ayurveda - Real Testimonial

Interviewer: Namaste sir.

Patient: Namaste.

Interviewer: I welcome you to Planet Ayurveda.

Patient: Thank you.

Interviewer: Sir what is your name?

Patient: My name is Dheeraj Sharma and I am from Shimla (H.P).

Interviewer: You are taking treatment for which disease from Planet Ayurveda?

Patient: It is not me. It is my father. It had Liver Cirrhosis. Water got filled in his stomach. We visited everywhere for the treatment even in Shimla's medical college. They said there was no chance because the water got filled in stomach.

Interviewer: When was this problem detected?

Patient: February 2016. We got a reference from somebody. I came here. Took medicines as prescribed. And after 5 days only he could pass all his urine out. And he then came to a better normal condition. The medicines that were taken were very effective. It saved his life.

Interviewer: Which all places did you visit for treatment?

Patient: Sir we went to Shimla medical college and another one more private hospital.

Interviewer: What was the opinion given by allopathic doctors?

Patient: They said that his liver was 99% damaged with very less chances of survival. We did all tests. There was no positive effect.

Interviewer: What was the exact problem detected?

Patient: He said liver cirrhosis. His stomach got inflated.

Interviewer: 99% liver damaged?

Patient: Yes. Water retention started and stomach got inflated.

Interviewer: Was there a problem of urine?

Patient: Yes, He did not pass out urine as much required. But then I came here took somebody's reference. We took the medicines. We just took two simple medicines.

Interviewer: Do you remember the name?

Patient: First one is Yakrit Plihantak churna and second is Punarnava Mandur.

Interviewer: Ok, so now what is the situation?

Patient: He is absolutely fine now. There was a diet chart that he strictly followed.

Interviewer: What message would you like to forward to our viewers?

Patient: What happened with my father was a miracle to me. When everyone has given us answer then we came and tried here. One should try here once. May be it was luck that my father improved. We told many people about it. And many are getting fine from planet Ayurveda.

Interviewer: I would say that in case of Liver Problems, Ayurveda is a great friend and helper.

Patient: Yes I saw the results. I agree.

Interviewer: Thank you sir for visiting us and sharing your experience with us.

Patient: Thank you sir.


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