Liver Cirrhosis Treatment with Natural Remedies - Real Testimonial

Interviewer: Namaskar Sohan ji

Patient: Namaskar ji

Interviewer: Sir you are taking treatment from Dr. Chauhan. What disease you had?

Patient: I was diagnosed in PGI with liver cirrhosis.

Interviewer: Were you taking allopathy treatment?

Patient: Yes when I came to know about it.

Interviewer: When was the problem detected?

Patient: September 2012.

Interviewer: So how did you find out about Dr. Vikram Chauhan?

Patient: In PGI it was diagnosed that it is 100% liver cirrhosis. We went to PGI 5 to 6 month. They didn't give any good treatment. We searched on internet about Dr. Vikram. We contacted to Dr. Vikram. He prescribed us some ayurvedic medicines. After taking the medicines, there is a lot of improvement.

Interviewer: So you are taking ayurvedic medicines since a year?

Patient: Yes.

Interviewer: What level of improvement was observed with ayurvedic medicines?

Patient: I feel normal now. I eat normal.

Interviewer: After that did you feel the need for removal of water from body? So what is your view regarding ayurvedic treatment?

Patient: It is very good for us. Whether allopathy or Ayurveda. The medicine which improves us, it is like a blessing.

Interviewer: What is your age?

Patient: 68 years.

Interviewer: So Ayurveda had good effect on him. What message would you like to forward to patients with same problem?

Patient: If doctor said to go for liver transplant then they must go for Ayurveda treatment. They should not lose their heart. They must go for ayurvedic treatment.

Interviewer: Did they advise for any diet?

Patient: I took normal diet. Nothing special. Took the medicine regularly and strictly as prescribed. It benefits only when you follow the Ayurveda treatment properly.

Interviewer: Yes you are right. Thank you for the information. It will benefit our viewers. Thank you.


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