How Ayurveda can help in Low Ejection Fraction? - True Testimonial

Interviewer: Good Afternoon Sukhwinder Singh Ji. Chopra Ayurveda Center in Surrey, Distributor of Planet Ayurveda in Canada welcomes you. Kindly tell us about your problem.

Patient: Thank you for inviting me. My problem was that I had a major heart attack in January 2018. When I was recovering, I also had a blood infection which caused heart failure top of that. I was in different hospitals on and off all the way to July 2018. I was told that I need a heart transplant as my heart efficiency was very low and ejection factor was 19.

Interviewer: For how many days you were hospitalized?

Patient: From January to July-2018, I was hospitalized and in between, I came home for 3-4 weeks.

Interviewer: When you were discharged from hospital in July 2018, what was your condition?

Patient: My condition was a little better but not improved much at that time. My ejection factor was 19. So I was not very well.

Interviewer: In July 2018 you visited here and started taking medicines of Planet Ayurveda. You started with Arjuna and Total Heart Support Capsules.

Patient: Yes, I took both religiously twice a day as recommended. I found improvement in my condition by these medicines. With every passing month, I started feeling more and better. Now today, on 15th February, 6 -7 months passed, within 6-7 months, I am able to walk around, climb stairs. I don't get out of breath. I also stopped taking most of the medicines prescribed at the hospital, from where I took treatment earlier. My health has improved a lot and still, it is improving.

Interviewer: Taking Planet Ayurveda's medicines for heart disorder has really improved your condition. What message you want to give to other viewers regarding this?

Patient: I want to tell that my arteries, veins have started getting clean and heart has started to gain the strength. When I was admitted to the hospital there was 75% blockage in my vein and due to which the blood circulation was not proper. Now, blockage in the veins have started to clear. I had chronic pain and now it is gone over the time. Blood circulation is better, my heart is getting stronger. And I have been told most likely this year in summer, I can go back to work. That I'll mostly just be fine. I have been told by the doctors.

Interviewer: Within approximate 6 months, there is a major improvement. The doctors were saying about heart transplant but now you are fine with the intake of medicines only. Now, you are planning to go back to work!!

Patient: Yes! Definitely. I was not be able to stand and used to feel dizzy but now I can hold a couple of shopping bags and climb stairs without any problem.

Interviewer: That's really good!! You have got such good results and hope you will maintain your health in a good way. Thank you!!

Patient: Thank you very much!!


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