Natural Treatment For ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura) - True Testimonial

Viera: Welcome to our Planet Ayurveda Studio again. Today we are here to discuss real testimonial with Dr. Ranjana.

Dr. Ranjana: Yeah! Today we are having real testimonial of ITP patient. Dr. Vikram Chauhan is treating them. Since when are you taking medicines from here?

Patient: 1 month.

Dr. Ranjana: She is having her treatment since 1 month. Within one month she have very good results. When they came here her platelet count was 3000 to 4000. And now within one month the count have reached 3, 86,000. Please tell what problems you were facing in starting?

Patient: I got mouth ulcers with bleeding. Bruises over legs and feet.

Dr. Ranjana: From how long you were facing this problem?

Male: It was started on 28th January.

Dr. Ranjana: Ok so it started on 28th January. Then you had mouth ulcers and what other problems you faced?

Patient: Bleeding from the mouth and nose.

Dr. Ranjana: Then what you did?

Patient: We went to DMC.

Dr. Ranjana: Ok. So you started treatment from DMC. They might have given you steroids.

Patient: Yes, they gave me 19 IVIg injections.

Dr. Ranjana: Ok, so they have given her 19 injections of IVIG. Those injections are also not good for health. She was given steroids. As you know she is newly married and those steroids could have bad effects on her upcoming life. So you had steroids after that what was your platelet count?

Male: Count reached to 2, 80,000 after that.

Patient: That count reached after IVIG injection, before that there was no improvement.

Male: When she got discharged after week, her platelet count decreased to 42000. After some days, we again did the test, then count was only 3000. Then we came to Dr. Vikram Chauhan as I found his treatment has very good results.

Dr. Ranjana: How you came to know about him?

Patient: We saw him over YouTube.

Male: Then we came here and talked to other ITP patients. They told that only Dr. Vikram Chauhan has the treatment for ITP in all over India. We felt relieved by listening to this. Then we met Dr. Chauhan and he gave her medicines and told to check the count after 4 days, but after two days only, her condition deteriorated as her platelet count decreased. She got a spot of blood in eye and bleeding from nose. Then again we admitted her in hospital after ten days I started giving her Planet Ayurveda's medicines. This time also when I admitted her we didn't got any good results. I spent 5 lakhs rupees when admitted her first time and 1.5 lakhs second time. They told us that she had to be administered platelets repeatedly whenever the count will come down below 20000 and we have to admit her in the hospital. Then there without telling anybody I started giving your medicines. I talked to some one here from the doctors who told me to give one dose till we are in DMC and after discharge start giving twice in a day. After 15 days when she was discharged from there her count was 12000 and after two days count rose up to 18000. And again after two days we checked the count, which was 25000. At that time we were taking only your treatment. After 2 days count reached 42000. And gradually it kept increasing. Now it's already been 20 days and we checked her count the day before yesterday and count came 3,86,000.

Dr. Ranjana: And now you are taking only our medicine and taking proper and regular dose?

Patient: Yes, only your medicines.

Dr. Ranjana: Also you are following diet chart properly.

Patient: Yes, absolutely.

Dr. Ranjana: So Dr. Vikram has prescribed Swarn Malti Ras, also sachets of Akik Pishti, Jaharmohra pishti. She was also given capsule Spirulina which is very good for ITP patient. These capsules are very good in weakness. Were you having weakness too?

Patient: I felt weakness when my platelet count was very low. Even shivering of hands was also there at that time.

Dr. Ranjana: Bleeding was also there. Were there any bruises over body?

Patient: Bruises were there but now they are gone.

Dr. Ranjana: As ITP is due to Pitta imbalance and to pacify that we have given Pitta balance and Praval Panchamrit. So for that these medicines have been given and she is fully satisfied. As she also wants to conceive but due to low platelets she was not able to do so. So they thought first of all ITP has to be cured then they can proceed for conception. So are you fully satisfied from here and do you want to continue the medicine?

Patient: Yes.

Dr. Ranjana: Ok you have been told to continue the medicines for one month and doctor will guide you what medicines you have to continue. The medicine has been decreased so now they have to take the medicine for one more month. So symptoms like bruises, weakness, are they all gone now?

Patient: Yes I am totally fine now.

Dr. Ranjana: As you were having excessive bleeding during menstruation, how is the condition now?

Patient: I am didn't have my periods yet.

Dr. Ranjana: She was having heavy bleeding during menstruation but now it's been cured. So any other experience you want to share?

Patient: No

Dr. Ranjana: They are fully satisfied. We hope your platelet count will get better then now. Thank you so much.


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