Potential of Ayurvedic Treatment in Cancer - Real Testimonial

I bring you my testimony that I not only hope positive for cancer patients, but also hope to improve their health and well being.

I was able to reconstruct precisely my journey with my son who recorded monthly changes in my health.

Aged 73 years to this day, my lung cancer (adenocarcinoma/ lower right lobe) was discovered in June 2012 that was due to asbestos materials that I rubbed in the chemical industry.

The diagnosis was made at the hospital in South Lyon France via a simple chest x-ray, following a recurring cough.

It should be noted that my GP took 12 months for me to do a radio -pulmonary (of course I changed doctors since ...)

South Lyon center is a reference in terms of treatment of lung cancer.

At that time, I was very fit (physically and mentally).

The first treatment was surgically removal of the affected lobe.

Operation took place during July, 2012 at the hospital in Lyon.

The treatment protocol has recommended neither chemotherapy nor radiotherapy, but a medical scanner followed by every 3 months.

  • • Scanner January 2013: stabilization, no spread of cancer to other parts.
  • • MRI Scanner /4 April 2013: discovery of three brain metastases, which was extremely shocking for me as I had no symptoms.
  • • Also, radiotherapy sessions were indicated and performed with 4 sessions per week from April 30 to May 17, 2013. My health remained almost normal, apart from the loss of my hair and sensations of intense heat skull and ears, effects faded after sessions.

A staging was performed on June 21, 2013:

    • New relapse, worsening of my health.
    • Small metastasis on the right iliac crest.
    • Metastasis on the right adrenal gland (18 mm).
    • Brain metastases were still present. 2 slightly decreased volume; the 3rd remained in the state at the right temple.

So it was the start of chemotherapy session - 8 July 2013:

    • During 4 sessions every 3 weeks (Avastin + paclitaxel + platinum)

From the first chemotherapy session, my condition rapidly deteriorated, severe nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting, low HB count (10), dizziness, significant weakness were seen.

I found it difficult, for example to get up from my chair and I slept a lot that day. During each meeting, I was better than the third week as the next chemotherapy approached.

2nd session of chemotherapy - July 31, 2013:

Negative effects were seen by anti- emetics that doctors have added to the treatment. After 15 days, I felt little better. Nevertheless, I still had little appetite. My weight loss began and I lived a feeling of fatigue. I was often in bed in the morning and afternoon of each day.

During that time, my son suggested me to use another line of treatment, Ayurvedic Indian medicine, which he had himself discovered in a report on Arte TV (My Indian doctor).

I gave my consent though I had no knowledge of this medicine; I thought i have to trust him, especially in my degraded state.

I also viewed the report which helped me to accept to use this form of medicine is also millennium as Chinese medicine, known and accepted in France (including acupuncture).

My son then contacted Dr. Vikram Chauhan, An Indian and Ayurvedic physician who treated various forms of cancer successfully.

I sent all my medical details of various treatments including recurring issue for hypertension to him via e mail.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan then sent a personal prescription of medicines.

I started taking Ayurvedic medicines during mid of august (based on herbs and sometimes minerals).

I quickly stopped taking these medicines because of feeling of vomiting and fatigue. I thought that this new treatment was the cause behind it (of course not).

In short, I was probably not yet fully ready to turn to treatments that were not listed in our European culture and Western medicine more broadly.

3rd session of chemotherapy August 20, 2013:

Side effects were less violent but my appetite was still poor, I had dizziness and hypertension too. I use to get up from my chair hard, and for the first time my young grandchildren openly worried about the visible deterioration of my physical condition. My weight loss then reached 9 kgs in 6 weeks.

I also felt pain in my right heel that prevented me from walking normally.

Scanner 4 September 2013:

Unfortunately entered a new relapse with the discovery of a new metastasis to the vertebra T 12.The oncologist then told me that if metastasis progressed there should be a new radiotherapy.

At that time, my son came back to me very worried, told me to take Ayurvedic treatment, meanwhile eased by Dr. Vikram Chauhan. In my resistance to take it, there was also the quantitative aspect, a lot of capsules to be taken at specific times, it seemed indeed too heavy and complicated to manage.

So I really started Ayurvedic treatment on Thursday, September 5, 2013.

4th chemotherapy session September 11, 2013:

My state during mid-September -

Disappearance of heel pain, appetite returned (10 days after the start of treatment), I felt more dynamic. On September 12th, I was feeling better with good mood and my blood pressure was normal.

16 September 2013:

Experienced severe constipation after the 4th session of chemotherapy. I decided to stop - again, for 2 days Ayurvedic treatment, and repeat after 18.

On 22 September 2013, 13 days of taking the ayurvedic treatment I could go for morning walk up to 3kms in the afternoon, appetite returned to normal, had no symptoms of discomfort.

4 October 2013 (i.e. after 1 month of Ayurvedic treatment):

5th session of chemotherapy (only based avastin).

The same evening, I could extend my walk.

I regularly monitored my blood pressure by my doctor and had medicines whenever needed. Moreover Avastin can cause hyper tension (See side effects).

My appetite is good, no constipation, pain or other.

November 1, 2013:

I 'm fine, I eat well, walking, gardening, back at the restaurant.

Blood pressure: 130-80.

Weight: I gained 4 kg.

November 13, 2013: Assessment with PET scan and MRI.

The written report of the oncologist says:

"Good condition. PSO, No pain, no respiratory symptoms. The scanner shows the disappearance of brain lesions, stability known targets (18mm adrenal and left iliac crest + vertebra T12). Practically further chemotherapy maintenance Avastin"

I am surprised and amazed, to such an announcement. The French oncologist although informed that my decision, Ayurvedic treatment manifested no surprise … the opposite of many GPs. My son and I rub shoulders, who have been stunned.

It should be noted that despite this good news seems extremely rare *, no doctor will ask me details of the contents of my Ayurvedic treatment.

* The lifespan for a generalized three brain metastases with cancer seems to be based on the information I have collected less than 8 months at best.

26 December 2013:

6th session of chemotherapy, no side effect.

I am normal. My blood tests are not those of a sick person, even while undergoing chemotherapy.

I am fine with my activities: singing, gardening, walking.

I weigh 76 kgs to date again in 4 months, after a brutal and dangerous lost 9 kgs in 6 weeks (mid-July to the end of August 2013).

My appetite is very good. I enjoy returning to gourmet restaurants.

I expect my next PET SCAN report January 9, 2014 next.


I sincerely thank Dr. Vikram Chauhan who has always shown a great willingness to me and a lot of attention.

Even though I am not yet healed completely, loss of brain metastases, observed on November 13 appears as "miraculous "since the April-May radiotherapy had failed.

I also understood from my readings and by the voice of my GP molecules chemotherapy (large molecules) do not cross or pass through the very difficult brain barrier.

Notes were taken by my son accurately from the beginning of taking the Ayurvedic treatment, my condition immediately improved and my progress in terms of building efforts is continuing.

I found a normal life, although seriously ill with a terminal cancer (stage IV) and generalized to the entire body.

The cost of treatment appears to me, moreover insignificant (150-300 Euros / month) reminder; the cost of a chemo session is about 2000-3000 Euros.

I sincerely hope that this testimony could help patients excise their fears and open to medicines other than those from our own culture.

This 5000 year old medicine would not have survived the centuries if it was not effective. This is also a better line of treatment like other medicines. They all have their specificities, their strengths and limitations. Far from the object we need to unite them to have benefits.

But Dr. Vikram Chauhan will speak better than me.

Lyon (France), December 27, 2013,
Noel Rivoire

PS : Clinical data of the molecule used in Avastin chemo hospital:

Annexes: some recent photos of my renewal.

December 2013 with my family in the Temple of Lyon and French cuisine, Chez Paulo edges sane for connoisseurs…

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