Ayurvedic Treatment for Proteinuria (Protein in urine) - Real Testimonial

INTERVIEWER: Hello Mr. Sushet Sehwag, you came from Aurangabad to Mumbai camp in order to meet Dr. Vikram Chauhan? So what was your chief complaint?

INTERVIEWEE: I have been suffering from Proteinuria from last four years since 2015. Initially it was very higher, I went for allopathic treatment to Bajaj hospital which is situated in Aurangabad itself but that was not at all effective as they started giving me steroids. I watched few videos of Dr. Vikram Chauhan then decided to visit Mohali. He gave me some medicines and there was some relief initially and effect went up gradually.

INTERVIEWER: You took this treatment two years back?

INTERVIEWEE: Yes! There wasn't any effect for first six months but still I called sir (Dr. Vikram Chauhan) and was in continuous touch with him and due to personal touch he gave special care towards me and after then sir changed my medicine as well.

INTERVIEWER: What was your Protein level then?

INTERVIEWEE: Initially the protein loss was 40,000- 42,000 and after taking medicines given by sir (Dr. Vikram Chauhan) for continuous 2 years, my protein level came down to 274 like it suddenly went down from 5 digits to 3 digits in the last two years.

INTERVIEWER: Do you have reports for the same?

INTERVIEWEE: Yes I do have.

INTERVIEWER: Can you show us? Is this your current report?


INTERVIEWER: The protein level is 274, and this report has been taken 2 days back on 6th April, It's a recent one!

INTERVIEWER: So what all medicines Dr. Vikram Chauhan has been given to you from last two years of your treatment?

INTERVIEWEE: One is Boswellia Curcumin, Reno Plan Syrup, Tribulus Power and Phyllanthus Niruri. He also gave me a Mutrakrichantak Churna which was very effective.

INTERVIEWER: So did you take any precautions while taking these medications?

INTERVIEWEE: Yes I did, I have been told to do less intake of protein in my diet.

INTERVIEWER: Were you recommended not to take Milk and Milk Products?

INTERVIEWEE: Yes they told me for not taking milk products.

INTERVIEWER: So what all the complications happened during treatment?

INTERVIEWEE: I easily felt irritated. I have become short tempered as well as felt fatigue. I wasn't able to do any work due to tiredness.

INTERVIEWER: Did you lose your weight?

INTERVIEWEE: Yes I have lost weight but in last 10 to 15days I have put on 3 to 5 kg.

INTERVIEWER: Do you still face any kind of complications?

INTERVIEWEE: No sir, even I can see a lot of improvement because of these medicines.

INTERVIEWER: So do Dr. Vikram Chauhan told you for further treatment?

INTERVIEWEE: Yes! Because 3+ protein level is still left so Dr. Vikram Chauhan has told me to take medicine for another three months.

INTERVIEWER: So do you want to convey any message for the patients who are suffering from Proteinuria?

INTERVIEWEE: Yes I would say to them that don't go anywhere else except coming to sir (Dr. Vikram Chauhan). It will take some time but the effect is very positive.

INTERVIEWER: It's nice that you have shared your experience regarding Dr. Vikram Chauhan! You're basically from Aurangabad but you take your medicine from Mumbai itself?

INTERVIEWEE: Yes I take my medicine from Ankita ma'am here only.

INTERVIEWER: So are the services of Ankita ma'am good?

INTERVIEWEE: Yes absolutely.

INTERVIEWER: Well thank you very much and wish you a good health!


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