Cure Psoriasis with Herbal Remedies Naturally - Real Testimonial

INTERVIEWER: Mrs. Sonia Batra thanks for sharing your views about your health condition. It will really help our patients. I want to know about this condition from you and how you actually got this treatment. So Sonia batra since when you are suffering from this condition Psoriasis?

INTERVIEWEE: It's been since last five years and it started in 2007 it occurred initially. At that time I was not aware that it was psoriasis and I thought it as normal skin patch applying simple creams it will be sorted. But later when it started growing I consulted it with doctor and then came to know it psoriasis. First treatment I took was allopathic then got its sure recovery in 15 days but later more patches started occurring. It starts first on feet, then knees then elbows and neck.

INTERVIEWER: It means condition worsen.

INTERVIEWEE: Yes the condition worsen.

INTERVIEWER: So you took some treatment?

INTERVIEWEE: Yes I took allopathic treatment. But it didn't show good results. It's been for 6 month then I changed the doctors too. Which told that they can cure the psoriasis. Then I also went under skin allergy tests and for that also I undertook medicines for 1 and half year but that didn't sorted the problem.

INTERVIEWER: So what else you tried for this problem?

INTERVIEWEE: I tried homeopathy then, initially every medicine shows results but later it stop working I suppose. And condition reversed. Then I last tried and thought let me just work on the internet and search because at that stage last year at that time I have puss cell formation over my feet and I was not able to walk properly, feet were swollen and It was too difficult and I was about to cry. Then I tried to find out about some solution in internet may be by changing diet I control this. Then I came to know about Planet Ayurveda and I get some remarks from Subhash Tiwari he got treatment from the PGI for 3 yrs. but it couldn't cure then he took treatment from planet ayurveda and within 15 minutes he seen the results so I thought let me just visit this clinic and I came here and within fifteen days small patches over my knee elbow they got removed. And feet which was in very worse condition took one month and shown very good results.

INTERVIEWER: So you were consulting DR. Vikram Chauhan?

INTERVIEWEE: Yes, it's working very well and it been three months and I can hardly see any patch. Swelling is gone and no rashes are there and no pus cells and skin is now being normalized.

INTERVIEWER: So what's your message to other persons suffering from same problem?

INTERVIEWEE: I would suggest that if a person comes to know that he or she is suffering from the psoriasis he should not go for allopathic treatment in any case. They can try homeopathy but I would rather prefer with my experience says that one should go for Ayurvedic treatment. And you should not trust every Ayurvedic doctor also that is also my experience because I have also gone through 1-2 Ayurvedic treatment but they have not given me this treatment what he has given specialized medicines and all.

INTERVIEWER: How long you are taking treatment from Dr. Chauhan?

INTERVIEWEE: It's been three months. I started taking medicine in May 2012 and my condition is about 99 % cured. And doctor has suggested me to take treatment for three more months and it will be all cured and will not reoccur again. I am very happy and want all patients of psoriasis to come know this is my message to the patient they should at least once check in the internet and get the consultancy once by Dr. Chauhan if they can't meet him up they should call him.

INTERVIEWER: Thank you for giving this message. And letting other know about it.

INTERVIEWEE: I have under gone this condition so I don't want other patient to take treatment from allopathy.

INTERVIEWER: Thank you very much mam.


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