Psoriasis Treatment in Ayurveda - Real Testimonial

INTERVIEWER: Namaste ma'am!


INTERVIEWER: Ma'am, I welcome you in the Planet Ayurveda center. Ma'am what is your and your daughter's name?

INTERVIEWEE: Sir my name is Mandeep Kaur and my daughter's name is Ishmeet Saini.

INTERVIEWER: Ma'am where have you come from?

INTERVIEWEE: We have come from Nangal dam.

INTERVIEWER: Ma'am what was the health problem you daughter was suffering from, due to which you consulted Dr. Vikram Chauhan at Planet Ayurveda?

INTERVIEWEE: Sir she was suffering from psoriasis.

INTERVIEWER: Since how long she was having this problem?

INTERVIEWEE: She was having psoriasis since one and half year.

INTERVIEWER: Ok! So where did you consulted for the treatment of psoriasis? What kind of sign and symptoms she was having?

INTERVIEWEE: We consulted 2-3 doctors for her psoriasis treatment but there wasn't any improvement. She was having severe itching due to which she used to scratch until it bleeds. Her appetite was very low. She did not used to eat properly. I used to cry while looking at her and thinking will she be fine or not. Her face was also affected badly.

INTERVIEWER: So ma'am you must have some old photographs of your daughter.


INTERVIEWER: Kindly show it to our viewers.


INTERVIEWER: Turn the mobile slightly. Show more. Ok. It means her condition was very bad. Psoriasis was very severe.

INTERVIEWEE: Yes! Very bad.

INTERVIEWER: So ma'am how did you came to know about Dr.Vikram and how your trust build up in Ayurveda so that you thought to contact Dr.Vikram regarding her treatment?

INTERVIEWEE: We saw sir's video on youtube. He has uploaded a video of same aged child suffering from psoriasis. We have came here after watching it. There is much relief after coming here.

INTERVIEWER: Since how long treatment is going on from here?

INTERVIEWEE: It's been 4 months since her treatment started.

INTERVIEWER: Ok. So what kind of medicines did Vikram sir prescribed and what changes he asked to make in diet?

INTERVIEWEE: Vikram sir asked to stop milk products and sour things in diet. In medicines he prescribed Navkarshik churna, Manjishtha, Neem, Pitta balance. He recommended this.

INTERVIEWER: Ok. This is the prescription. This is the oldest prescription of yours. Treatment is going on since October?


INTERVIEWER: October 2018


INTERVIEWER: And this is today's prescription for further treatment.


INTERVIEWER: How much relief did your daughter get after taking treatment from here?

INTERVIEWEE: She got a lot of relief. She has started eating properly. Her face is almost clean now.

INTERVIEWER: Was her face also affected?

INTERVIEWEE: Yes! Her face was affected much badly. Her condition was so bad that I used to cry while looking at her that will she be fine or not.

INTERVIEWER: So Navkarshik churna is also prescribed by Dr.Vikram in this?


INTERVIEWER: So how you used to give churna to your daughter?

INTERVIEWEE: First I used to give it with honey but then Dr. Vikram asked not to give it in this way. Then she started taking singly and still she takes in the same way. Only for one month I gave her with honey after that now she takes it with lukewarm water.

INTERVIEWER: So you must also be worried earlier as your daughter was having psoriasis.

INTERVIEWEE: Yes! I used to be very tensed and worried. I was not able to sleep. I used to keep looking at her during night. She also used to be much irritated and kept on itching for the whole night.

INTERVIEWER: So what can you say now? How much relief your daughter got till now?

INTERVIEWEE: She got too much of relief till now. Little bit is there but it is better to much extent.

INTERVIEWER: Ma'am we have our viewers who are watching this video right now, mostly will be patients of psoriasis. So what message do you want to covey to them?

INTERVIEWEE: I want to say that come to Planet Ayurveda and consult Vikram sir. Their result is very good.

INTERVIEWER: Thank you ma'am for coming to Planet Ayurveda and giving a hope and information to our viewers.



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