How to Treat ITP & Increase Platelets Count Naturally? - True Testimonial

Interviewer: Namaskar Ramnivas Ji.

Ramnivas: Namaskar Sir.

Interviewer: I welcome you to the Planet Ayurveda Centre.

Ramnivas: Thank you.

Interviewer: Sir as you are telling that your daughter's ITP treatment is going on from here. So tell us when you came to know about this problem and for its treatment where else you have consulted? Please tell us all in details.

Ramnivas: My daughter has been diagnosed with ITP since 2 years. We took allopathic treatment for her from Jaipur, Jodhpur, Delhi. In allopathy they gave steroids etc. which increase the count but on decreasing the dose platelet count again comes down. Last time platelet count even came down to 8000 and there was once or twice bleeding too. Then I came here at Planet Ayurveda after watching doctor's YouTube video. Dr. Sahab has given me medicines for one month. After one month medicine, I took her for tests again.

Interviewer: When you started treatment from here then what was the platelet count?

Ramnivas: When I came here her platelet count was 8000.

Interviewer: So after that when you checked platelet count?

Ramnivas: After giving her medicines for 10-12 days, then again I got tested her platelet count after 12 days. Her platelet count reached 25000 from 8000.

Interviewer: In 12 days 25000 platelet count?

Ramnivas: Then I thought that this medicine is good and it will work on the patient. So I continued with it, and today its only 28 days and in 28 days only platelet count has increased to 96000.

Interviewer: Ok. So only two days back you again went for the test for platelet count and it has increased to 96000. ok, and it has been 28 days for her treatment from here.

Ramnivas: Treatment started from 21st of last month and it is 19th of this month today.

Interviewer: Allopathic treatment that you were taking, please tell us about that.

Ramnivas: In allopathy, there is this no treatment disease. For two years continuously, I gave medicine to my child which made me frustrated. And even child also got frustrated, these medicines have many side effects. In Ayurveda there are no side effects and it works very well and within one month it has very good results.

Interviewer: What were the symptoms your daughter had?

Ramnivas: In starting she had bleeding from her nose which I didn't come to know. So after that I consulted for her to doctor after which CBC report was done, after which doctor told that her platelets are very low. At that time her platelet count was 10000. At that time I admitted her twice. Then I came to know she has a disease called ITP. So then we took her to big hospitals in Jaipur etc. So there for two years continuously her treatment kept going on. She was given wysolone like steroids with which they increased and on decreasing or stopping the medicines again the count came down. In allopathic they don't have any solution for it. Then I saw YouTube videos of Dr. Sahab one or two times, then I came here and now we are taking treatment from here which is very nice.

Interviewer: What is the age of your daughter?

Ramnivas: She is 7 years old.

Interviewer: Ok. She is 7 years old and her name is Khushboo. Did Dr recommend any changes in the diet?

Ramnivas: Sir gave me this diet plan, and we are following it strictly.

Interviewer: Here we want to show our viewer the diet plan. Dr Sahab recommends the fruits and foods which are written in the Plate A and Plate B contains those which have to be taken in less quantity. Plate C has to be totally avoided as they are the damagers, especially sour fruits.

Ramnivas: Milk products and sour fruits have to be avoided totally.

Interviewer: Ok, and I will also like to show your daughter's prescription to our viewers. This is old one and this one is of today. On 21st January, you came here for first time, then platelet count was only 8000. These are the medicines which Dr. Vikram Sir prescribed. After that you have come today on 19 February for follow up treatment and your same prescription has been repeated.

Ramnivas: Because it is giving good relief.

Interviewer: I also want to show your daughter's reports to our viewers. This is the first report, after this report the treatment started from here. Here the platelet count is 8000 and report date is 17th January. And after that this one report of after 12 days where platelet count is 25000 on 4th February, and this one is next report showing platelet count is 96000. So Ramnivas Ji I want to know from you how's your daughter feeling physically during this treatment.

Ramnivas: She is fit physically.

Interviewer: There is an improvement.

Ramnivas: Yes, there is a very good improvement physically. Medicines are working very good and there is very good relief.

Interviewer: Ramnivas, our viewers are watching this video right now so what message do you want to give them?

Ramnivas: I want to tell that ITP is curable in Ayurveda and Allopathy doesn't have any cure. Ayurveda is better and here Dr. Vikram Chauhan at Planet Ayurveda gives very good treatment for ITP.

Interviewer: Thanks Ramnivas Ji for coming at our Planet Ayurveda Centre and giving time to our viewers and sharing this good information with them. Thank you so much.


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