Can Ulcerative colitis be Cured? - True Testimonial

Interviewer: Hello Sir.

Patient: Hello

Interviewer: I welcome you in the Planet Ayurveda center. Sir, what is your name?

Patient: My name is Bhupinder Singh.

Interviewer: Bhupinder Ji, regarding what health issue you contacted to Dr. Vikram Chauhan at Planet Ayurveda?

Patient: Sir, I was suffering from ulcerative colitis from last two years and I had lots of allopathic medicines but never got relief from them and the problem kept increasing gradually. Then I had medicine after searching on youtube about sir.

Interviewer: What were your symptoms and what problems you faced during this ailment?

Patient: As usual, stool with blood, and mucus. Have to go to the toilet many times.

Interviewer: How many times you used to pass stool in a day?

Patient: Almost 10-12 times.

Interviewer: So before coming here, from where else you had treatment?

Patient: I took treatment from many local big and small hospitals in Amritsar. Then from very famous gastrologist in Jalandhar but didn't get any relief.

Interviewer: So what opinion that doctor's had about the treatment of ulcerative colitis?

Patient: They had only one opinion that this problem has no treatment and I have to take medicines lifelong.

Interviewer: How you came to know about Dr. Vikram for the first time?

Patient: Sir, on YouTube while searching I came to know that through Ayurveda its treatment is possible. And a person can fully recover from this. So when I searched for the doctors, then I found that Dr. Chauhan has a very good history about ulcerative colitis treatment. So then I approached here.

Interviewer: So how you connected here? As some of our patients they take online consultations and others are who prefer to meet Dr. Chauhan personally. So how you started your treatment.

Patient: I personally met him as I was in critical condition and never wanted to take risk.

Interviewer: So when did you contacted Dr. Vikram?

Patient: Almost 6 months back.

Interviewer: Ok 6months back. So what kind of medicines Doctor Vikram have prescribed you?

Patient: Sir prescribed Kutajghan Vati, Arjuna, and Kutaja Parpati Vati, Belgiri Powder and Vatsakadi Churna. All these.

Interviewer: So within how much time you saw the improvement with these medicines?

Patient: Almost, it took 2 months to see improvements. After that once my situation also become critical but I didn't take any allopathic treatment for that critical situation and recovered with only ayurvedic medicines.

Interviewer: So now what is the percentage of relief you feel?

Patient: For colitis, I can say 100% relief is there.

Interviewer: So your problem is 100% cured. So during treatment have you changed your diet too?

Patient: Yes sir, Dr has told me to avoid milk and its products, fried food, and spicy food. And was told to take normal diet.

Interviewer: Now how many times you pass stool in a day?

Patient: Now once in morning and evening. Rest is normal.

Interviewer: Now is there any bleeding and mucus in stool?

Patient: No, and stool is also normal now.

Interviewer: Sir there are some viewers who are watching this video. What message you want to give to them?

Patient: My message is only this that I have learned from my last two years' experience that Ayurveda have treatment for everything, and allopathic medicines will bring more complications to you rather than relief from disease.

Interviewer: Thank you sir, for giving your time to Planet Ayurveda and providing our viewers this important information.

Patient: Thank you.


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