My Recovery Story of Vaginismus through Ayurveda

Amaya Singh, a modern day woman who has the right to speak her experience freely. And I am Amaya Singh, a travel blogger and I share all my experiences, famous food, culture and beauty and other things where I travel.

But when it came to sharing my personal story, I felt ashamed and afraid to write my experience. I had Vaginismus - difficulty in insertion, a sex related problem.

Yes, I had, but now I am a happy woman with a happy sex life. And what helped me to overcome Vaginismus is nature - Ayurveda.

At first, I was not comfortable sharing my story, but later when I thought, even as a blogger I am uncomfortable, what would be the feeling of regular women who have the same problem. When I searched a lot, after receiving the diagnosis, that I have Vaginismus, I found many women who suffer from Vaginismus and they need a treatment for it.

This encouraged me and now I am going to share my story... No! Going to share my recovery story of Vaginismus through Ayurveda.

Firstly... I mentioned Ayurveda, right. So I want to say that I did not use any random Ayurveda but The Planet Ayurveda, which helped me to re-enter in my previous happy life with new me.

In medical terms, if I say - What is Vaginismus? - It is a condition, occurs when involuntary contraction occurs in the muscle around the vaginal entrance and prevents vaginal penetration. It often causes pain with sex efforts and begins when intercourse is first performed.

If I come to define Vaginismus according to me, it is like a Termite, which makes you completely hollow like a wooden block with loneliness, stress and worries.

Now I am going into flashbacks when I first experienced vaginismus and I have no idea that it is a medical problem. Hopefully through this story I will inspire and encourage other women who are suffering to quietly seek help.

I was a college girl at the age of 24 and I was doing my PhD. With this I started my career as a travel blogger. My friends were used to talking about tampons. It is a female hygiene product intended to absorb menstrual flow by inserting it into the vagina during menstruation. I also tried applying tampons, but I was unable to do so and it was very painful. Usually I felt that I did not know the correct way to insert it. So, I tried several times but never was able to put tampons in my vagina. I felt shy to share my problem with anyone even with my best friend. Then I decided to visit the gynecologist to take a routine examination and when I told my gynecologist my problem that I would not be able to use tampons. She took my medical history and specifically asked me if I ever had sex or tried to. But I never had sex at that time. She asked me to start with my regular pad during menstruation and told me to come back when I would become sexually active. Till then, I had no idea that I had Vaginismus. I never shared this experience with anyone, it was my secrete story. But I never forgot this and in between tried to insert tampons but failed. After 1 year, when I was getting married, I went to the same gynecologist again, she asked me to come after the wedding. After marriage, when I tried to have intercourse for the first time, it became a failure for us. My vagina was refraining from inserting anything like I tried to insert tampons many times but failed. This was my worst experience, I was afraid that it would affect my married life and my relationship with my husband. My husband was very supportive, he thought it was the first time so we were unsuccessful and he, himself asked me to take time. But I remembered well what my gynecologist told me, I went to her and told her what I had experienced about my first sex. Then after a full examination she diagnosed me with vaginismus. I felt it difficult to discuss with anyone, not even with my husband. It made me feel lonely, stressed and depressed. But one day I discussed it with my husband and he supported me a lot and visited my gynecologist with me. She began treating me with some exercise to loosen the pelvic floor and start counseling to deal with the underlying stress. She also recommend vaginal dilator therapy. No doubt it helps me a lot but me and my husband found no satisfactory results.

Therefore, along with this we decided to go for an alternative treatment and searched a lot. We also searched about the Ayurvedic point of vein for vaginismus, then we found the Planet Ayurveda. It came with a miracle in my life or I can say in our life.

I have called them and now I can say that the consultation call was nothing less than a gift for me. Before giving me any remedy they gave me hope and made me believe that they have treated many women like me who have struggled with vaginismus and got positive results.

I also wanted to give a try and my husband also told me to go with their remedies. They provided me Planet Ayurveda's Female Health Support, Boswellia Curcumin, Yograj Guggul, Shatavari Capsules. They also asked me for a change in diet and lifestyle, which was very impressive. Broadly speaking, as a human being we are not satisfied with anything that gives us benefits, we are always in doubt. I also searched for the ingredient added to these products before using. And we found that all the ingredients are natural and will help with my problem. I used all these products of Planet Ayurveda for vaginismus along with my counseling. And slowly I stopped my counseling session as me and my husband felt recovery after using Planet Ayurveda products.

Now, come to present, we have a healthy sex life due to Planet Ayurveda. If I go with other information about these products, it not only helped me overcome vaginismus but also helped me get a calm mind and body. So, it all says that Ayurveda is a line of treatment that not only manages your condition but also takes care of the overall health of the body.

One more thing, now I can easily put tampons in my vagina during menstruation. For this also thanks to Planet Ayurveda.

As I am a blogger and have experienced myself with vaginismus and healing with Planet Ayurveda, I want all women with vaginismus and other problems that they should once consult with Planet Ayurveda. And don't feel lonely and embarrassed when you have this problem.

Thanks to Planet Ayurveda for re-building my confidence and helped turn my secret story into my recovery story.


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