Ayurvedic Cure of Alcoholic Liver Disease - Real Testimonial

Interviewer: Greetings, Mr. Sukhdev.

Sukhdev: Greetings, sir.

Interviewer: Today, you are here in Dr. Vikram's clinic. For which disorder did you take treatment from him?

Sukhdev: I took treatment for a liver disease.

Interviewer: Please tell us in detail about how and when did this happen?

Sukhdev: It all began in 2015, when I was diagnosed with Jaundice but I somehow took treatment and got cured. But, I started consuming alcohol again.

Interviewer: Describe us in detail, what kind of life style did you follow when you fell sick earlier!

Sukhdev: Since I was an alcoholic, my lifestyle was not at all normal and I consumed alcohol in excessive amounts.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: How much alcohol did you usually take?

Sukhdev: 1-2 bottles.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: 1-2 bottles!

Sukhdev: Sometimes it was up to 2 bottles.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: How often did you drink?

Sukhdev: Daily.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Daily!

Sukhdev: Yes daily, you can consider one bottle on an average.

Interviewer: By bottle, you mean 1 litre?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: 750 ml.

Sukhdev: In February 2106, I fell seriously ill. Then, I started taking treatment from Rohtak where I was suggested to undergo a liver transplant.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Did you ever vomit blood?

Sukhdev: Yes, there were many episodes.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Have you undergone banding?

Sukhdev: Yes, banding has been done. From Rohtak, I went to Delhi where my treatment was started and a lot of money was wasted. Till the time I was admitted in the hospital I remained fine. But as soon as I came back home I started vomiting blood again. I had 3-4 episodes of blood vomiting every day.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Did you consume alcohol during the treatment?

Sukhdev: No, I had quit drinking by then. I didn't consume alcohol after February 12th.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: 2016?

Sukhdev: Yes, 2016!

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: One and half years ago from today?

Sukhdev: Yes!

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Did you suffer from ascites or was there any fluid accumulation in your abdomen?

Sukhdev: Yes, there was fluid accumulation due to which my abdomen got enlarged and feet were swollen, too. After that a relative of mine told me about Planet Ayurveda. Then, I came here and started taking treatment.

Interviewer: When did you start the treatment?

Sukhdev: On 8/7/2016.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: That means it has approximately been one year. Did you take treatment regularly for 1 year?

Sukhdev: Yes, regularly.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: It took us one year basically. I have seen all his reports, they are absolutely normal. Moreover, the patient is asymptomatic.

Interviewer: Are you completely fine now?

Sukhdev: I consider two things as the signs of good health which are a good appetite and sound sleep and both these signs are normal in me.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Are you able to walk properly without any difficulty?

Sukhdev: Yes, I have no difficulty now. I've started farming again.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: That means you are working hard and not consuming alcohol?

Sukhdev: No, I am not taking any alcohol in fact, I also suggest others to not consume alcohol.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Kindly convey the message to my viewers that consuming alcohol doesn't show any effects in the beginning but later ends up in serious health issues.

Sukhdev: When we drink, we don't listen to anyone. But later when it starts showing its harm then we regret it.

Interviewer: Dr Vikram, kindly tell us about the Ayurvedic treatment you gave him?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Basically, he was suffering from alcoholic liver disease. In the beginning, there is fatty liver but the patient remains unaware and keeps taking alcohol. Our normal liver gradually gets converted into fatty liver then into liver cirrhosis. He had ascites, and various symptoms that follow like breathlessness, enlarged abdomen, difficulty in walking, loss of appetite and jaundice. He had all such symptoms. Albumin was also on the lower side but slowly and gradually that has improved, too. And the other symptoms like fluid accumulation in the abdomen have also subsided and he is able to do his daily activities normally.

Interviewer: What kind of Ayurvedic herbs did you use in his treatment?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: In Ayurveda, there are various herbs like - Bhumi Amla (Phyllanthus niruri), Kalmegh (Andrograhis paniculata), Katuki (Picorrhiza kurrao), Bhringraj (Eclipta alba) I have a combination of all these herbs in Planet Ayurveda. There is Yakrit Plihantak Churna, a very classical combination which is used by us to treat liver failure patients. Then, we have Liver detox capsules and Echinacea which is called Kalmegh, also known as king of bitters (Andrograhis paniculata) is a great liver rejuvenator which helps in the regeneration of hepatocytes and liver cells. These type of herbs help to clear ascites and regenerate the liver cells too.

Interviewer: Dr. Vikram, his treatment continued for 1 year. What are the stages of recovery the patient goes through? If the patient is in a very critical stage, will the same herbs work for him?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Patience is the key. I usually prescribe the same herbs to all my patients with a very few changes but usually they are same. If the patient keeps taking the same herbs regularly for a year or so, gradually the albumin level in blood which decreases also starts escalating and it eliminates ascites and water retention.

Interviewer: In such cases, does diet also have a role to play?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Yes, diet should be strictly taken care of. As this disorder causes water retention and some people eat a lot of salads like cucumber, watermelon. Anything that has a huge water content like raw salads shouldn't be consumed. According to Ayurveda also, they are considered as Vatik foods which shouldn't be given. For albumin, I advise the patient to take one dried date every day. Though, it has a hot potency but it can still be given to increase the amount of protein. An egg white or two can be given as it contains albumin, fish of a good quality is another option, it can be grilled and can be taken in a tiny amount. Then, Moong dal (lentils) and khichdi, the patient should eat only moong dal and khichdi for the initial 3-4 months and then we can gradually add egg whites, grilled fish and other protein rich diet can be included in your diet regimen in a very small quantity after 6-7 months. The diet which absorbs water is more useful. I recommend a flour which is a mixture of wheat, barley, pearl millets and gram flour. Barley is a diuretic, gram flour absorbs water, and similarly, pearl millet is also a little heavy. I have mentioned the percentage of each in my diet chart and I recommend that and people get benefitted from it.

Interviewer: This is a very good information for the patients.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Liquid intake must be reduced, especially, in case of ascites. Some people drink too much buttermilk or juices which should not be taken at all. I, even make them avoid milk. (To patient) Tea, milk, buttermilk did you avoid all this?

Sukhdev: Yes, I avoided them for the 1st two months.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Ok, the first two months! And after that you gradually started consuming it?

Sukhdev: Yes, slowly and gradually I started taking it.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Ok, that's fine.

Interviewer: Mr. Sukhdev, I would want to take a statement from you. This is my personal question to you. Our family, doctors all insist us to quit alcohol and some people even claim to give such medicines that will make you quit alcohol. You have personally experienced it by quitting alcohol. Please give a message for the people who consume alcohol on a daily basis. Tell them how you refrained from it and how they should quit it.

Sukhdev: I would just want to say that due to the disease and by looking at my kids, I quit alcohol. But if you want to save yourself from this, leave it beforehand. If you look at your kids before, you'll automatically leave it. No medicine or doctor can help you leave alcohol. One must realize and understand his responsibilities.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Absolutely correct! Nowadays, there are numerous advertisements which claim of quitting alcohol. There is no such medicine, at least not in Ayurveda. It's not possible that you'll give a few herbs and they will make you quit alcohol.

Interviewer: This is disinformation to con people.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Brahmi can be used to stabilize the mind.

Sukhdev: I have also been given medicines to quit alcohol but I drank to and fro. Those medicines didn't benefit me.

Interviewer: It's all about your strong determination.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: This gentleman who has come along with you is your brother or friend?

Interviewer: He's a friend of mine.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Have you seen him in that condition?

Patient's friend: I have seen how his condition worsened after drinking alcohol. Then, we would take him to the doctor. Since the time he has started your treatment he has become healthy and gone completely away from alcohol.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Today, I think you have also brought someone here!

Patient's friend: Yes, I have brought my brother after consulting my friend (patient).

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: He is also suffering from ascites!

Patient's friend: Yes.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Don't worry, he will also be fine. Hope for the best!

Interviewer: It's a very good thing. Dr Vikram, thank you very much. Thank you Mr Sukhdev.


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