Alternative Ayurvedic Treatment of Pancolitis, Ulcerative Colitis - Real Testimonial

Interviewer:- Saurav, you are taking treatment from Planet Ayurveda, will you please tell us that How long you take the treatment and how you came to know about Dr. Vikram Chauhan, what was your health condition before taking treatment from here, what were the issues, and how are you feeling now?

Interviewee:- Mam, I am Saurav, from Nainital. I was suffering from Ulcerative Colitis from year 2014, and I was not getting cured. Once I was searching on YouTube, I get to know about Dr. Vikram Chauhan Sir, and I started taking treatment from here on January 2017 and I was prescribed some medicines from here.

Interviewer:- Which medicines were prescribed?

Interviewee:- Prawal Panchamrit, Kutajghan Vati, Coolstrin A and Coolstrin B.

Interviewer: - That must be a complete pack for Ulcerative colitis.

Interviewee:- Yes, some puriya was also there. Now I am 90% cured, and doctor Sir asked me to take medicines for 2 more months and then I can stop taking medicines.

Interviewer:- Saurav ji, what were the symptoms and when it was detected?

Interviewee:- Ulcerative Colitis was detected in 2014. I was getting blood stools and cramps. Heavy bleeding was there and has to go to motions for 4-5 times, then I rushed here for treatment.

Interviewer:- How you came to know about Dr. Vikram Sir?

Interviewee:- While surfing on the internet, I saw videos of some other patients on YouTube, I saw them, and then I came here.

Interviewer:- So how much you are relieved now by this ayurvedic treatment?

Interviewee:- Now I am 90% cured. I was suffering from Pancolitis earlier of third grade. Now, I am in grade one of proctitis.

Interviewer:- Pancolitis is a chronic stage of ulcerative colitis. The ulcer is there inside the intestine.

Interviewee:- In Allopathic, doctors recommended me surgery. There was no last option.

Interviewer:- Where have you taken the allopathic treatment?

Interviewee:- Delhi, AIIMS. Not even any hospitals were left in Delhi. But there was no relief. Steroids were given 40mg. Now steroid is 0.

Interviewer:- Now you are 90% relieved. What changes you made in diets?

Interviewee:- I followed the diet chart provided by Dr. Vikram. Kaddu, tori and moong dal. Outside food is completely avoided. I took less spicy food.

Interviewer:- Any specific instruction was given by Dr. Vikram Sir or any home remedies?

Interviewee:- Sir, asked me to take pomegranate, at least one in a day, light fruits like banana was prescribed. Decoction of the pomegranate peel was asked to take.

Interviewer:- What message you want to give to our viewers, who are viewing this video right now?

Interviewee:- To all viewers, I would like to convey that, don't take much medicine from allopathic and don't degrade your health any more. Switch to ayurveda as soon as possible and get proper treatment from ayurveda. You will get proper treatment from here. I was also not having any hope that, I will get cured. But now I am cured. So one must visit here.

Interviewer:- Thanks Saurav, for coming to us, we wish you best of health.

Interviewee:- Thank You.


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