Natural Treatment for Atopic Dermatitis - Real Testimonial

INTERVIEWER: Namaste Ma'am, I welcome you to the Planet Ayurveda Centre. Ma'am what is your name?

FEMALE: My name is Shruti.

INTERVIEWER: What health issue your daughter has for which her treatment is going on from Dr Vikram?

SHRUTI: She was having redness over face since birth, but we were not aware about it. This issue started increasing when she was two years old and we started homeopathic treatment for it.

INTERVIEWER: Ok, what is her name?

SHRUTI: Shivanya. But we didn't get desired results from homeopathic treatment. Even her condition deteriorated after taking those medicines. Then I searched over YouTube about some Ayurvedic treatment then I came to know about Planet Ayurveda and Dr. Vikram Chauhan, then we brought her here at Planet Ayurveda. Here sir diagnosed her with atopic dermatitis.

INTERVIEWER: Since when her treatment is going on from here?

SHRUTI: It has been around 6 months.

INTERVIEWER: Did you take allopathic treatment also?

SHRUTI: No we didn't.

INTERVIEWER: Only homeopathic treatment was given. And after that you approached here. And for last six months you are taking treatment.

SHRUTI: Sixth month has started now of her treatment.

INTERVIEWER: Ok, sixth month of treatment have started and it has been 5 months, taking treatment. So how much relief she has got?

SHRUTI: She is much better from her previous condition.

INTERVIEWER: Did Dr. Vikram asked to follow any dietary regimen?

SHRUTI: He asked to stop milk and milk products and citric things.

INTERVIEWER: Please show the prescription to our viewers. Shivanya, 2 years and it is last time's prescription. It is of 17th July and it is today's prescription with further follow up. Thank you Ma'am. Ma'am our viewers who are watching this video, what message do you want to give them?

SHRUTI: My message is this, that if anyone having their child diagnosed with atopic dermatitis should visit Planet Ayurveda once. We got very good response from the medicines and from Dr. Vikram also. Medicines are very effective and her condition is lot better now.

INTERVIEWER: Thanks Ma'am, for giving us very useful information and visiting Planet Ayurveda. Thank you.


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