Can Ayurveda Cure Ulcerative Colitis? - True Testimonial

Interviewer: Hello sir! Please tell your name.

Patient: My name is Sarmit Sharma.

Interviewer: Ok. Where are you from sir?

Patient: Basically, I am from India but nowadays I live in Australia.

Interviewer: Ok. So from there you came here for treatment. Sir for what you are taking treatment from here?

Patient: Sir Ulcerative colitis. In colonoscopy it was detected that I have left sided Ulcerative colitis.

Interviewer: Ok

Patient: Doctors over there gave allopathic medicines, steroids. But I discontinued those medicines after sometimes, after taking for 15-20 days. Then I researched on Youtube and got to know about Dr. Vikram. I watched few videos.

Interviewer: We have already uploaded many videos regarding Ulcerative colitis. You get through those.

Patient: Yes sir.

Interviewer: Ok

Patient: After that without thinking anything I ordered a UC pack.

Interviewer: You ordered it directly from Australia.

Patient: Yes. So after that I started intermediate fasting, probiotics, some anti-inflammatory green juices, and these medicines. Within one month my all symptoms went away. After that I kept taking that medicines for 6 months and there were not any flare ups. I never felt that again it will come back. I am now completely fine and just came here to thank the doctor. To meet him so that I can know if I am alright or not now. I have gained weight also, digestion is also completely fine. And I feel that.

Interviewer: That you are healthy internally.

Patient: Yes, healthy internally and energized too.

Interviewer: Sir what kind of symptoms you were having during ulcerative colitis?

Patient: Bleeding in stools, frequent urge to go to toilet, mucus and used to feel like that all the energy is drained. Nothing is inside. And it was much depressing feeling.

Interviewer: It is said that in ulcerative colitis life is much affected. So how did you suffer in this disease? How many problems did you face?

Patient: It became really very difficult to go to the job. Depression also came for sometimes. When they told in colonoscopy and when I read it myself and saw on Youtube that what can be the extreme circumstances in this case that colon is removed, even death and cancer can happen. So that time was really stressful for me.

Interviewer: Sir when you consulted over there with the Australian doctors, so what was there diagnosis? What did they tell you?

Patient: They said this is a lifelong disease. You have to take colofac or any other medicine lifelong. And this cannot be treated without it. So you have to continue forever. I got little bit of idea from watching 1-2 YouTube videos that it can be treated. I am the example, I'm completely fine.

Interviewer: You are the live example for us.

Patient: My weight got reduced from 72 to 65 kg. Now I'm 83 kg. Now I can feel myself that earlier how much weight I can lift and now how much I lift. So much improvement is there. I am completely fine now.

Interviewer: What changes you made in diet during this treatment?

Patient: Initially I made some changes in diet. I avoided milk, milk products, hard lentils like chickpeas, kidney beans or similar things which are not easy to digest. Now I'm having everything.

Interviewer: So sir now you are feeling completely fit and fine?

Patient: Yes sir!

Interviewer: You took medicine for one month. How much relief did you get after taking 1-month medicine?

Patient: Sir I got 100 percent relief in 1 month. I continued after that for 7-8 months just to make sure that it did not return back. So I came especially for meeting doctor only. Sir please tell if I'm completely fine or not or if it will not relapse. So he said the same that you are completely fine now.

Interviewer: Sir I want to ask one more thing that how was your experience as you did purchase from our online portal. You took online treatment from us. How was your experience in that case?

Patient: It was superb actually. So whenever I tried to contact your customer care or any of your distributor I got response within, I think, 3-5 minutes and email response I think in maximum 10 minutes.

Interviewer: So it was really a great experience.

Patient: Yes sir!

Interviewer: Sir, do you want to convey any message to our viewers who are watching this video right now?

Patient: The only message I want to convey is that Ayurveda is the way. Don't go for allopathy and don't feel stressed. If you are suffering from any disease don't feel stressed and watch your diet. And anyway Dr.Vikram is there.

Interviewer: Thank you sir.


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