Ayurveda is Helpful in Reducing Urea & Creatinine Levels - Real testimonial

Interviewer:- Greetings sir!

Interviewee:- Greetings!

Interviewer:- I welcome you at Planet Ayurveda center.

Interviewee:- Okay! Please tell

Interviewer:- I would like to know your name sir.

Interviewee:- I am Dr. Agwat khan, came from Basti (UP).

Interviewer:- Thank you sir ! Sir, what kind of health problem you were having, due to which you have contacted Dr. Vikram Chauhan, at Planet Ayurveda center?

Interviewee:- Actually, I had got Chikungunya infection one year back. After chikungunya, Doctors gave medicines to me. After giving medicines, I got kidney problem. It was infection. My urea, creatinine were approx. 9.9.and uric…oh! .sorry…urea was 150 and creatinine was 9.9.

Interviewer:- Okay!

Interviewee:- Then I got information about Vikram Chauhan, I came to know that he cures it and I…

Interviewer:- Sir how did you got reference of Dr. Vikram Chauhan?

Interviewee:- I got his reference from internet. And took his number from internet.

Interviewer:- Okay-okay!!! And for treatment where you have been for till now? From where you have taken treatment so far?

Interviewee:- For treatment, I went to Balaji hospital and then Honda nursing home in Delhi. But was not beneficial for me.

Interviewer:- Okay-okay!!!

Interviewee:- And I have taken medicines from Dr. Vikram Chauhan for two months and my creatinine level is 2.9 and urea is 65. Now it's better and I feel good.

Interviewer:- Sir, what kind of medicines Dr. Vikram Chauhan had prescribed you?

Interviewee:- These were Ayurvedic Medicines.

Interviewer:- Sir, I would like to show your prescription to the viewers.

Interviewee:- Sure. Sure

Interviewer:- Rencure formula, Punarnava capsules and Punarnava mandoor, two syrups are there, Mutrakrichantak churna is there, and tablet Yakritplihari lauh. So, these are the capsules and tablets and some medicines which you have taken for two months. What kind of relief have you got?

Interviewee:- I am 99% relieved. I don't have any problem now.

Interviewer:- 99 % relief. One more thing I would like to know from you that during the treatment what kind of changes you made in your diet?

Interviewee:- I was having everything in small quantities as instructed by Dr. Vikram Sir. I have taken accordingly.

Interviewer:- Sir, our viewers will be watching this video at present. It might be possible that most of them will be kidney patients, what message would you like to give them?

Interviewee:- I will say that you should consult Dr. Vikram Chauhan only. And you will be totally fine.

Interviewer:- Thank you so much sir you came to Planet Ayurveda center and you spare your precious time. Thank you once again!

Interviewee:- Okay!!!

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