Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for ITP (Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura) - True Testimonial

INTERVIEWER: Greetings ma'am & sir!


INTERVIEWER: I welcome you all to Planet Ayurveda center.


INTERVIEWER: I would like to know your names.

INTERVIEWEE: My name is Mohan Kalra. I'm Poonam Kalra and she is our daughter, Gunjan Kalra.

INTERVIEWER: Sir, where have you come from?

INTERVIEWEE: We're from Rohtak.

INTERVIEWER: What health issues was your daughter suffering from, regarding which you contacted Dr. Vikram Chauhan at Planet Ayurveda center?

INTERVIEWEE: She has a disorder called ITP which was diagnosed in October, 2017. Initially, she was taking allopathic treatment. But, they said these medicines are not good for children. After that we started her allopathic treatment from a doctor but, it wasn't that effective. Her platelet count had reduced to 18,000 but, with those Ayurvedic medicines they had reached 91,000 and stabilized there. We heard from somewhere and also checked on YouTube that Dr. Vikram Chauhan specializes in it. We came here on December 25th, 2017 and till now we've done her blood test twice. The first time we came here, her platelet count was 91,000 and got her platelet count checked 15 days post treatment and it had reached 2, 22,000. Now, we got it checked a week back, it has reached 3, 15,000. This is our second visit and according to Dr. Vikram Chauhan, she is already cured. He has still given a few medicines for 1 month to stabilize her platelet count.

INTERVIEWER: What was the allopath's opinion in this case?

INTERVIEWEE: They said, it's not curable and we have to manage it by giving her medicines continuously.

INTERVIEWER: Was your daughter given any type of steroids?

INTERVIEWEE: Yes, they gave her steroids twice when she was bleeding from her nose due to very low platelet count.

INTERVIEWER: It is very harmful for the body.


INTERVIEWER: You chose Ayurvedic medicines after that?

INTERVIEWEE: Yes, we started her Ayurvedic treatment afterwards.

INTERVIEWER: Did Dr. Vikram make any changes in your daughter's diet plan?

INTERVIEWEE: Yes, he made a lot of changes. The major change he asked us to make was the restriction on milk and milk products.

INTERVIEWER: Sir, there are numerous patients who would be watching this video. What message would you like to give to them?

INTERVIEWEE: I would like to say that don't opt allopathic, rather choose Ayurvedic. Please visit Dr. Vikram Chauhan as this disease is curable.

INTERVIEWER: Thank you sir for coming to Planet Ayurveda center and gave such important and useful information to our viewers.


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