Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for ITP (Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura) - True Feedback

Interviewer: Namaste sir.

Patient: Namaskar sir.

Interviewer: Sir, I welcome you to Planet Ayurveda. Sir I would like to know your good name.

Patient: Sir my name is Shelendra shahi and I have come from Dehradun.

Interviewer: Thank you sir. Sir I would like to know the kind of health problems you were facing that made you contact Dr. Vikram Chauhan at Planet Ayurveda.

Patient: Sir my gums started bleeding in 2007. I didn't understand what kind of disease it was. I was advised by doctor to get my platelets count tested. Platelets range should be between 1.5 lac to 4 lac. And my platelets were round about 5000. So the doctor advised me to remove my spleen. That time they treated me with steroid to increase the level of platelets for operation.

Interviewer: Was any disease diagnosed during the treatment?

Patient: Sir ITP.

Interviewer: Ok ITP disease.

Patient: Sir in ITP, production of platelets is hampered. And after that when my level of platelets became normal, I was suggested to remove my spleen. Then I took advice from Dr. Chauhan. I am feeling ok now since the day I am taking these medicine.

Interviewer: Sir, where all did you go for treatment for this disease?

Patient: Sir I went Himalayan institute in Dehradun. They suggested me to remove spleen. Then after I visited AIIMS Delhi. And apart from this I have visited all local doctors. They said there is no cure for this disease in allopathy.

Interviewer: Ok so you were told to remove the spleen?

Patient: So I had to come to ayurvedic branches.

Interviewer: Sir how did you come to know about Dr. Chauhan?

Patient: Sir my brother enquired on internet and I came to meet sir here.

Interviewer: Sir your disease was detected in 2007. So when was the treatment started?

Patient: Sir, I was given medicine in 2007. I was told that span /effect of the medicine is for 5 years.

Interviewer: Ok

Patient: So I felt ok from 2007 to 2012. But after that the problem started again. Then I came and consulted here.

Interviewer: So, after 2012 how long was your treatment done from here?

Patient: Sir, I am taking regular medicines. It's working well.

Interviewer: Ok. So treatment is fine now. Many allopathic doctors and people say that with ayurvedic treatment for ITP, platelets increase, but start decreasing again. What do you think about this?

Patient: Sir I would say one thing that there is no cure for it in allopathy. They had advised me that more issues can arise on removal of spleen. So I did not go for that option.

Interviewer: Obviously if we remove any organ from our body, complications will occur.

Patient: But since the day I am taking medicines I am facing no problem.

Interviewer: Ok. Sir. There are many patients suffering from ITP. What kind of message would you like to forward them?

Patient: I would suggest them not to remove spleen. Even if you go for allopathy they will suggest for removal of spleen later.

Interviewer: Ok

Patient: I was given steroids because of which I was also diagnosed with diabetes.

Interviewer: So it's better to go for Ayurveda at the right time.

Patient: I will suggest people to come to Ayurveda and take treatment. It will definitely benefit all.

Interviewer: Thank you sir, for visiting Planet Ayurveda and sharing your experience and giving advice.

Patient: Thank you.


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