How effective is Ayurvedic treatment for Ulcerative colitis? - Real Testimonial

Interviewer - Hello Shama Ji!

Interviewee - Hello

Interviewer - Today you came to Dr. Vikram' Clinic Planet Ayurveda from Jammu as you told us. Since when you are taking treatment and for which complaint?

Interviewee - I am taking treatment for ulcerative colitis from last two months.

Interviewer - When did you get this ulcerative colitis?

Interviewee - I am suffering from it since 1 and half years.

Interviewer - So what treatment you took one and half year ago?

Interviewee - For one and half years I have consulted many allopathic doctors in Jammu and Jalandhar but no one was able to diagnose my disease.

Interviewer - What symptoms you were suffering with?

Interviewee - There was excessive bleeding and increased frequency of motions. Pain was intolerable.

Interviewer - How many times you have to pass stool in a day?

Interviewee - Many times. 10-20 times in a day. I used to get clotted Blood.

Interviewer - So it is an issue of concern and anxiety for a patient if the disease is not diagnosed. So how did you came to know about Ayurvedic treatment at Planet Ayurveda?

Interviewee - We got to know about him through internet, saw his videos collected all the details with address of the clinic.

Interviewer - So you started you treatment 2 months back?

Interviewee - Yes.

Interviewer - Which medicines Dr. Vikram Chauhan prescribed you while starting your treatment?

Interviewee - Medicines included Pitta balance and 2-4 more medicines.

Interviewer - So you got relief within two months. So how are you feeling?

Interviewee - Yes now I am completely well.

Interviewer - This treatment must consist of diet plan as well for you, as diet plays a crucial role in the treatment of this disease. So would you share your diet plan with our viewers?

Interviewee - My diet plan consists of banana, curd and all the green vegetables. Use of Milk and milk products were restricted.

Interviewer - Please share how treatment helped you with your complaints and in which symptoms you got relief?

Interviewee - Now there is no pain and bleeding while passing stool and I only pass stool once a day.

Interviewer - We are really glad for you. So do you want to say something to our viewers?

Interviewee - I want to say that this treatment helped me a lot so any one who is suffering from this disease must come here.

Interviewer - Thank you Shama Ji, Thank you so much.


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