What is the best Ayurvedic treatment for Ulcerative colitis? - Real Testimonial

Interviewer - Hello Sir!

Interviewee - Hello

Interviewer - I welcome you to Planet Ayurveda Centre. What is your name sir?

Interviewee - My name is Harshul Kumar sir.

Interviewer - Where are you from?

Interviewee - I am from Ghazipur, U.P.

Interviewer - For which health issue you consulted Dr. Vikram Chauhan at Planet Ayurveda Centre?

Interviewee - I was suffering with ulcerative colitis since 1 - 2 years.

Interviewer - What were symptoms you were suffering from and how critical the condition was?

Interviewee - I was really tensioned about my condition. I took treatment from BHU for around one year. The allopathic doctors over there told me that there is no cure for this disease and I have to take medicines throughout life. I used to take medicines but again after 3 - 4 days the symptoms use to relapse repeatedly.

Interviewer - For how many times you used to pass stool in a day?

Interviewee - Around 6 - 7 times.

Interviewer - Were mucus and blood both present in stool?

Interviewee - Yes, mucus was more in comparison to blood and even in starting pus was there too.

Interviewer - What was the opinion of allopathic doctors and they had to say about it?

Interviewee - They told me that I have to take medicines for whole life and they gave me medicines like Mesacol and others. I used to eat the medicine but after every 2 - 3 days condition was same they also said I can eat everything.

Interviewer - How did you came to know about Dr. Vikram?

Interviewee - I am working in Chhattisgarh police staff. I was really disappointed due to my disease condition. While surfing through internet I saw Dr. Vikram videos and positive reviews of the patient.

Interviewer - Yes Many of the patients got cured from here epically of Ulcerative Colitis.

Interviewee - So I decided to consult him. I called at the Planet Ayurveda, and asked for appointment they guided me to visit the clinic once and then order the medicines online. I came with my elder brother to get the consultation from Dr. Vikram. He prescribed me medicines for 2 months and also gave me a diet chart. I started taking Ayurvedic medicines with allopathic medicines for 10days and now discontinued allopathic medicines. Continuously I am eating this medicine and following the diet chart. The diet chart gave me lot of relief. Currently it's my 7th month and I am completely fine.

Interviewer - After how many days you started getting relief while taking the medicines prescribed by Dr. Vikram Chauhan?

Interviewee - Within 15 - 20 days.

Interviewer - Along with medicines you followed diet chart which Dr. Vikram Chauhan gave you.

Interviewee - Yes sir. when I was taking allopathic medicines there was bleeding during passing stool in every 2 - 3 days but after taking medicines from Dr. Vikram bleeding was only once in 20 - 25 days that too in very less quantity.

Interviewer - Sir kindly show your very first prescription to our viewers.

Interviewee - (showing prescription)

Interviewer - Your first prescription is of 17th March. Here are the few medicines which was prescribed to you for 2 months. Which is the next prescription so you got the consultation in 5th month after 2 months.

Interviewee - Yes Sir, once I took online medicine between as I was not able to come.

Interviewer - So this is your today's prescription (showing the latest prescription).

Interviewee - Dr. Vikram said eat for next two months and then stop eating.

Interviewer - Sir please tell how much you are relieved after taking Ayurvedic medicines?

Interviewee - Sir I am 95% relieved and sir told me to follow instructions regarding diet and will be fine and eat the medicine for two months and then stop.

Interviewer - what changes you did in your diet?

Interviewee - I completely changed my diet.

Interviewer - So you followed diet chart given by Dr. Vikram Chauhan.

Interviewee - I followed diet chart to take khichdi, daal, chawal,coconut water in the morning, juice of pomegranate and banana every day. This was my diet I used not take chapattis and all.

Interviewer - What would you like to say convey to our viewers who are watching this video?

Interviewee - I would like to suggest to everyone who are suffering from ulcerative colitis do consult Dr. Vikram Chauhan. We are spending lot of money but we are not getting relief. Where you are spending 20 thousand for the treatment spend few more thousands. You will get relief for sure.

Interviewer - Thank you sir for visiting Planet Ayurveda Centre and for sharing your valuable reviews with our viewers.

Interviewee - Thank you sir.


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