Best Treatment Centre for ITP (Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura) - True Testimonial

Interviewer: Namaste Sir.

Male: Namaste Sir.

Interviewer: I welcome both of you at Planet Ayurveda Centre. What's your name sir?

Male: Pramod Saini.

Interviewer: And what's your name sir?

Male: Rakesh Chaudhary.

Interviewer: Pramod Ji, is he known to you?

Pramod: He is my brother-in-law.

Interviewer: Pramod Ji, what was your health issue for which you contacted Dr. Vikram Chauhan at Planet Ayurveda Centre?

Pramod: I was diagnosed with typhoid and I took medicines for it and got relief for some time. Then again fever occurred and I came to know that it was typhoid. He is my brother- in- law and he suggested me to visit DMC. Then I said ok, and we visited there on 24th November and there doctor suggested me to get admitted. So I got admitted there and they told us that your treatment would be continued for two days. After that my clinical tests were done and in those reports my platelets count was only 35,000. Then doctor told me to stay there for two days and I said, ok. Then doctor's team came to me and said that your platelets are not being produced and you have to go for bone marrow test. I got ready for it and after bone marrow test, I was diagnosed with ITP. Then they started my treatment and told that I would be given five injections, with first injection my platelet count reached 52000 and with second injection count reached 83000, but with 4th injection count decreased to 76000 and with 5th injection count reached 1,03,000, after which they discharged me from the hospital. After which we went again to do the tests then platelet count came 1,20,000. Next time we went again, then count came down to 1,03,000. Then again we went and at that time count decreased to 1 lakh. But when we went last time for test count decreased to 50,000. Then my brother-in-law suggested me to go for ayurvedic treatment of ITP instead of allopathic. Then we came to meet Dr. Vikram Chauhan at Chandigarh when my platelet count was 75000.

Interviewer: How you came to know about Dr. Vikram Chauhan?

Pramod: I watched him over YouTube.

Interviewer: Did you watch the videos on youtube?

Pramod: I watched the videos then I came to know.

Interviewer: Did you watch the testimonial videos of those patients who already got cured?

Rakesh: Yes, we watched those videos.

Pramod: He gave us medicines for one month and after one month when I checked my platelet count which was 75,000 previously but after taking treatment, now the count is 1,50,000.

Interviewer: Have you come here after one month?

Pramod: Yes.

Interviewer: Ok, you have come after one month and now your count is 1,50,000 and physically also you are feeling good.

Pramod: Yes I am feeling very well.

Interviewer: What kind of medicines Dr. Vikram Sir had prescribed you?

Rakesh: He prescribed all Ayurvedic medicines.

Interviewer: Please show the prescription to our viewers. From 6th February your treatment started.

Pramod: Yes from 6th February.

Interviewer: May be 12th February. Ok sir, now you are here for follow up treatment and your platelet count has reached from 75,000 to 1,50,000 in one month and physically also you are feeling fit.

Pramod: Yes.

Interviewer: Sir, during this treatment what kind of changes you brought to your diet as told by Dr. Vikram Chauhan?

Pramod: Doctor told me to follow the diet regime and I followed that.

Interviewer: Generally Dr. Vikram gave diet chart to his patients, and you should have followed that.

Pramod: Yes, I followed the diet chart.

Interviewer: Ok, and what message you want to convey to our viewers who are watching this video?

Pramod: Sir, I just want to tell that here facilities are very good, and instead of running here and there one should come here at Planet Ayurveda. Here we are getting good treatment and I want to tell people that visit here and take benefits.

Interviewer: Sir, I want to know one more thing that what was the allopathic opinion about its treatment?

Pramod: Allopathy is good for some time as I took injection, count rose up for some time and if injection is not taken platelets count come down again.

Rakesh: In allopathy they gave steroids and with that liver functions also started getting abnormal, as SGOT and SGPT started increasing. As we saw that there is no proper treatment for it in allopathy. They administered platelet separately, but when we came to know about Dr. Chauhan and watched his videos we came to know that due to weak immune system, these platelets were decreasing in the body.

Interviewer: This is an auto immune disorder and in allopathy they give IVIG injections or administer platelets or steroids are given and there is no permanent solution.

Rakesh: Then we watched this video and we thought Ayurveda has its permanent solution and platelet count will increase with Ayurvedic treatment.

Interviewer: Dr. Vikram has treated successfully many patients of ITP and you also got good results which is very good. So you continue your treatment for some more time and you will be cured properly. Thank you so much for coming here and sharing this valuable information.

Pramod: Thank you.


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