Cholesterol Treatment with Best Ayurvedic Herbal Medicines

Cholesteroláis a lipid fat which is produced by the liver and is very important for normal body functioning. Cholesterol exists in the outer layer of every cell in our body and has too many functions, such as it builds and maintains cell membranes, prevents crystallization of hydrocarbons in the membrane etc. Cholesterol is carried in the blood by molecules called 'lipoproteins'. The amount of cholesterol in human blood can vary from person to person. High cholesterol levels can cause atherosclerosis, higher coronary heart disease risk etc. Heart attackáoccurs when both the supply of blood and oxygen to heart muscle is blocked. Formation of a clot in the coronary artery can lead the heart muscle to die. High cholesterol also leads to angina (chest pain) and other diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Symptoms of high cholesterol are revealed on account of atherosclerosis, narrowed coronary arteries in the heart i.e. angina, leg pain, blood clots, ruptured blood vessels, thick yellow patches on the skin etc.


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Foods high in saturated fats such as red meat, sausages, hard cheese, pastry, cakes and cream also increase the cholesterol level in blood. Sedentary lifestyleáand people who do not exercise and spend most of their time sitting, have significantly higher levels of bad cholesterol. People who are overweight are much more likely to have higher cholesterol. Smokingátoo has a considerable effect on cholesterol levels. People, who consume too much alcohol regularly, generally have much higher levels of cholesterol.

Cholesterol levels can be measured by means of a simple blood test. The blood sample is tested for cholesterol level and blood triglyceride levels. Some people can generally get their cholesterol and triglyceride levels back to normal by doing plenty of exercise, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, avoiding foods with saturated fats, getting plenty of sleep, bringing bodyweight back to normal and totally avoiding alcohol & smoking. Anti-hypertensive drugsácan help to lower the high blood pressure. However, cholesterol lowering drugs are costly and have side-effects.

The first approach to reducing cholesterol levels is a change in diet and lifestyle. In Ayurveda, natural herbs to lower cholesterol are very important. Increased cholesterol has become a major health issue in majority of people. Many people are switching over to natural and herbal supplements to lower cholesterol level. These herbal remedies are often preferred to allopathic drugs because of lesser contraindications and no side-effects. While most of the herbal treatments are safe and beneficial, it is wise to consult an ayurvedic physician to have cholesterol levels checked before starting the treatment.

There are a variety of herbs for lowering cholesterol and more people are opting these natural alternatives. One of the main advantages of using herbs to control high cholesterol is to eliminate the potential side-effects of allopathic drugs. A low fat, high soluble fiber diet is essential, together with regular exercise for cure and treatment of cholesterol levels in all the patients.

Ayurveda has recommended the bark of the tree Terminalia arjuna which is exceptionally effective cholesterol lowering natural remedy. The bark is astringent in nature and rich in natural bio-flavonoids too. Terminalia arjuna bark is utilized in many ways to reduce cholesterol naturally. The bark powder as well as its herbal extract is used in Ayurvedic medicine for heart health, cleansing blocked arteries, reducing bad cholesterol and increasing the good cholesterol. The bark also contains cardiac glycosides which help to provide strength to the heart muscles and the arteries, besides lowering down the cholesterol.

We manufacture wonderful herbal combination of Arjun Tea, Arjuna Capsules and Heart Support Capsules which work synergistically to prevent and treat various heart problems as well helps in lowering cholesterol levels naturally.


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