Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment by Ayurveda - True Testimonial

Interviewer: Namaste Mam.

Patient: Namaste.

Interviewer: Namaskar Sir.

Doctor: Namskar Ji.

Interviewer: Mam, I welcome you at Planet Ayurveda. Mam where have you come from?

Patient: We have come from Moga, Punjab.

Interviewer: What is your name?

Patient: My name is Anjali bansal.

Interviewer: Mam, what was your health concern that made you contact Dr. Vikram?

Patient: My urea and uric acid level was high. My creatinine level was high and I had pain in my legs.

Interviewer: Mam, when was your problem diagnosed?

Patient: 16th February.

Interviewer: Ok, 16th February.

Patient: I got very good results with Doctor's prescribed medicines.

Doctor: 16th February 2016, right?

Patient: Yes, 16th February 2016.

Doctor: I will describe it a little. She had chronic kidney failure problem. Diagnosed in 2011? It's written. Was it diagnosed in 2011?

Patient: Yes.

Doctor: We have written her medical history. We note down the patient's history. Blood pressure was in 2004. Chronic kidney failure diagnosed in 2011. Her creatinine level in February 2016 was 5.0. Then it was 4.0 in 2016. Later till 2018 it was 6.2. This was urea. So on 15th February this was her report. We started her treatment on 16th February. This is all about February. Now they have come to me. Today is 6th march. I wrote 2. It should be 3. They have come on 6th march that is today. Now her creatinine level has come to 1.9. Do you have the reports?

Patient: Yes, These are the reports.

Doctor: On 21st February her creatinine was 3.2. She came to me on 16th February. It was 6.2 on 16th February. So you took medicine for one week. It dropped to 3.2. From 6 to 3. Then it is 5th march. Now it is 1.9. So your creatinine level decreased from 6.2 to 1.9. There is a lot of improvement. So you are suffering from past 4 to 5 years. So where did you take treatment before with allopathy?

Patient: We visited all doctors. Dr. Chug is called as a Father of kidney. We took treatment from Chandigarh. The treatment was going but level was not going down.

Doctor: Any other place you visited?

Patient: Yes, We visited and they said there is no medicine for kidney failure. They said to go for dialysis. They said it is impossible without dialysis. Kidney transplant also.

Doctor: How did you come to know about me?

Patient: We saw on internet about you. Watched many reviews of people.

Doctor: Did you tell someone?

Patient: We saw the reviews but it was difficult for us to believe it. Somebody from Bathinda had put their number. We took feedback from him.

Doctor: Ok, so he had put his number there?

Patient: Yes, We felt like we found GOD. They said they were undergoing dialysis twice a week. But after taking medicines from here he did not go for dialysis. It gave new life to kidney. Dialysis not required. We felt now our problem was less in comparison to that person's problem. We could still go.

Doctor: So basically her albumin was 3 +++ was high. Now it is better. Uric acid is also normal. I would like to show it to the viewers.

Patient: Yes sure please see.

Doctor: It's just been 15 days taking medicine. The albumin that was going in urine was 3 +++. But creatinine level was 3.2 after 7 days medicine. Before this it was 6.2. So this problem gets solved slowly. The main problem behind kidney failure is blood pressure. Blood pressure and diabetes in many cases. If you have B.P or diabetes from 14-15 years, then kidney failure occurs. On taking allopathy medicines and pain killers like arthritis patient normally keep eating pain killers. Some keep taking antibiotics their own. Even they face kidney problems. Some people in gym like boys consume protein powder too much. They even take injections. So it happens in those cases also. Kidney failure occurs. People's uric acid increases who consume too much alcohol and eat non-veg. Even they face the same problem. If uric acid has increased for long period, then there are allopathy medicines Zyloric, which people consume. Because Zyloric medicine if taken for long period also results in kidney failure. Please avoid such allopathic medicines. If we drink enough water, uric acid naturally decreases. But in her case main cause was blood pressure. She has B.P since 2004. So is the B.P in control?

Patient: Yes.

Doctor: What symptoms did you face?

Patient: Swelling on face. I used to urinate a lot.

Doctor: Was it more or less?

Patient: 2-3 times at night and frequently in the day.

Doctor: Did you consume B.P medicines also?

Patient: Yes.

Doctor: Ok so you were eating allopathy medicine. Were you taking urine medicine also?

Patient: No.

Doctor: In kidney failure usually urination is less. But sometimes doctors give medicines with it urination increases. It's good she is improving.

Interviewer: She improved drastically in 15 days.

Patient: I am thankful to Doctor. Even we are thankful to GOD.

Interviewer: Mam, what message would you like to forward to our viewers?

Patient: I would say that before visiting any other place try to take medicines from Dr. Vikram. There will be no need of going anywhere. His medicines heal the problem.

Doctor: I would like to add that kidney patients ask me the diet for kidney failure. There is no particular diet for kidney failure. The only cause is B.P and diabetes. Because if you have diabetes then slowly slowly it fails your kidney. Control your diabetes. Avoid high potassium diet if creatinine is more. Avoid high potassium diet. Avoid high potassium juices and fruits. Do boil green vegetables before eating to release potassium. So keep care of potassium if creatinine level increases above 8 or 10. Yours is 1.9. It is good. 1.5 is considered normal. Now you are ok.

Interviewer: Thank you sir and thank you mam for spending valuable time and sharing information.


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