Creatinine Levels Reduced by Ayurvedic Herbal Medicines - Real Testimonial

Interviewer: Sir, welcome to Planet Ayurveda. Sir, what is your good name?

Patient: Suman bharwa.

Interviewer: Sir, you are from which place?

Patient: Assam, Guwahati.

Interviewer: Sir how did you come to know about Planet Ayurveda?

Patient: I came to know through YouTube. I had gone Apollo hospital for treatment. I was thinking if there was any other option for CKD Patient. So I found out that there is Revive Kidney Pack available at Planet Ayurveda. I am using it now.

Interviewer: During your treatment in Apollo you had no hope that your creatinine level will decrease?

Patient: That time I had no hope because from last two years my creatinine level was increasing gradually.

Interviewer: Ok. When you contacted Dr. Chauhan at Planet Ayurveda which medicines were prescribed to you?

Patient: He prescribed me with Revive Kidney Pack. Now I am using this product.

Interviewer: These products are Varunadi Vati, Mutrakrichantak Churna, Rencure Formula & Punarnava Mandur. You are taking these medicines. How long it has been now since you are taking these medicines?

Patient: This is my 2nd month now.

Interviewer: What was your creatinine level when you started this medicine?

Patient: It was 6.89.

Interviewer: Ok.

Patient: After taking medicines, when did you check your creatinine level again?

Interviewer: After 15 days.

Patient: Ok, so you checked your creatinine level after 15 days and it decreased to 4.1.

Interviewer: As you said that it has been 2 months since you are taking medicines, so do you have your latest report that is of December? Your creatinine level is 3.8 now. Sir that means your creatinine decreased from 6.8 to 3.8 within two months only. Were you given any diet chart along with prescription?

Patient: Yes, I was given a diet chart and I strictly follow it. I have been advised to follow it. I am following it.

Interviewer: Ok, so you are following the diet chart strictly. Sir how are you feeling now that your creatinine level has decreased? How are you feeling about your health now?

Patient: I am feeling very good. I was buying the product online from Assam. Now I have come here to take advise from doctor that how long should I continue with the medicines.

Interviewer: Sir are you completely satisfied with the medication prescribed to you?

Patient: I am 100% satisfied with these medicines.

Interviewer: Sir, there are many viewers with same problem. Any message?

Patient: I will ask them to go for Ayurveda. It will be good for their kidney. I was in pharma industry only. I was never benefitted with pharma medicines. My creatinine level never reduced. I was taking medicines from last two years. After taking Planet Ayurveda's medicines. It's really miracle to come down the creatinine level. It's very good for kidney failure patients. The kidney failure patients must try these medicines. It is my suggestion.

Interviewer: Thank you so much sir.

Patient: Thank you.


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