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Eczema is referred to a common skin condition called 'atopic dermatitis'. In this condition, the skin is usually swollen, red in color, irritated and itchy.áOther types of eczema include hand dermatitis and seborrheic dermatitis. The mild type of seborrheic dermatitis in dandruff. Dermatitis generally develops after frequent exposure to a mild irritant such as a detergent, soap, skin cream, battery acid etc. Allergic contact dermatitis develops when an allergen touches the skin such as poison ivy and nickel. The exact cause of various types of eczema is not fully known. According to reports, eczema may be due to factors including inheriting certain genes and having an over-active immune system.

Eczema can affect people of any age. The condition is most common in infants and may permanently resolve by the age of 3 or more. In other people, eczema tends to recur throughout life. People with eczema are reported to have a family history of the condition. Globally, more than 10-20% of children and 2-3% of adults are believed to have eczema. Eczema is more common in girls than in boys. Eczema is not a contagious disease.

The symptoms of eczema may include dry and reddened skin that itches or burns. The appearance of eczema varies from person to person and intenseáitchingáis generally the first symptom in most people with eczema. Eczema may lead to blisters and oozing lesions and repeated scratching may lead to thickened & crusty skin. Eczema can affect any region of the body, but typically occurs on the face, neck, insides of the elbows and knees. In kids, it typically occurs on the forehead, cheeks, forearms, legs, scalp and neck.

Eczema provokes the person to scratch the affected area due to the irritation that is developed.áA person who is affected with eczema is advised not to scratch the affected area, but unable to do so. Infact, the unbearable irritation can't resist from scratching and continuous scratching further leads to the spread of the rash to a greater area and other than the affected region.

In most people, whose skin is dry in nature, eczema occurs and increases during winter season. The affected region becomes itchy with multiple cracks and the skin turns red & inflamed. Contact eczema is curable, provided the patient follows strict measures and as advised by the doctor. The patient should not expose himself to the substance or material that will cause eczema.

According to some physicians, there is no complete cure to eczema. But, precautions such as change in diet plans etc. can help slow down the process. Commonly used medications for the treatment of eczema may include antibiotics, immune-suppressants, itch-relief lotions, moisturizers and creams. The main aim of eczema treatment is to control itching, reduce skin inflammation, clear infection and reduce new lesions. The type of medication prescribed mostly depends on many factors which may include the type of eczema, past treatment and the patient's medical history. Topical medication is frequently prescribed for application to the affected skin.


In Ayurveda, eczema is termed as 'vicharchika' and it is caused due to the vitiation of all the three doshas i.e. vata, pitta and kapha. The Ayurvedic treatments for eczema comprises of natural herbs. Ayurveda considers eczema as a constitutional disease and its cause is deep-seated within the body. External medications are not considered effective in the treatment of eczema. The herbal treatment attempts at curing eczema from its root level. The natural herbal remedies help to purify the blood of the affected patient and other related complications.

Herbal treatments for eczema come from different parts of the world. The Indian herbs are pure, natural and more effective for the treatment of eczema. Our herbal remedies help to boost body's immune system and are free from any chemicals. Regular use of our herbal supplements will prevent the likelihood of appearance of flare ups which is characterized by redness, itching and swelling. The patients suffering from eczema will get relief from itching. The herbs will further control its spread to other areas of the body.

Herbal Remedies for Aller-G Care -Natural Defense against Allergies Ayurvedic Medicines-Natural Treatment

Aller-G Care, allergy, allergy treatment

Aller-G Care is a blend of unique herbs described in Ayurveda as best anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory herbs. These rare herbs are nature's answer to moderate to severe forms of allergies. Aller-G Care contains extracts of Haridra (commonly known as Turmeric), Neem, Shirish and Ashwagandha. These herbs act together in a synergistic manner and control acute and chronic allergic reactions. The formula is particularly an effective natural remedy for pollen allergy.

Herbs in Aller-G Care: Aller-G Care is purely an herbal formulation without any chemicals added into it. The ingredients are frequently used in Ayurvedic system of medicine since 5,000 B.C. without any side effects.

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Dosage-á1-2 capsules twice daily, after meals.


Citrus fruit juices (Orange, Lemon etc.)


Allergies of all types, Pollen Allergy, Chronic Allergic Rhinitis, Chronic sinusitis, Chronic Eosinophillia, Hay Fever, Asthma, Eczema, urticaria, Skin allergies and respiratory allergies.


Sr. No. Herb Used Latin Name Parts Used Quantity
1 Haridra Curcuma longa Extract 200 mg
2 Neem Azadirachta Indica Extract 200 mg
3 Shirish Albezzia Lebbock Extract 100 mg
4 Ashwagandha Withania Somnifera Extract 100 mg

Haridra (Curcuma longa): Haridra is commonest of all the herbs and is commonly called Turmeric. Ayurveda explains it as most useful anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, Anti-diabetic, Anti-cancer herb. It is popular among general Indian public as Anti-inflammatory and analgesic. People in India use it after common injuries to ease the pain and swelling. Read More

Neem (Azadirachta indica): Neem is another useful herb and is described in Ayurveda as best anti-septic and disinfectant. In Indian villages, Neem juice is popularly used till date for blood disorders, boils, skin allergies, skin infections etc. It clears away the toxins from within the blood. Read More

Shirish (Albezzia lebbock): Shirish is described in Ayurveda as -"Vish-ghan" i.e. removes poison. It is very useful herb to remove accumulated poisons i.e. accumulated metabolites from produced within the body. According to Ayurveda, the poisonous substances are intermediate metabolites of carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism. They accumulate within our body and cause various illness like diabetes, gout, high cholesterol etc. They also interfere with our immune system and hamper it's functions. Albezzia removes accumulated toxins from our body and also relieves the entire physiologic system.

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera): It is very popular in the west as Indian Ginseng and is useful in inflammation of all kinds. Allergies in general also cause inflammatory reaction and thus it is very useful for all kind of allergies as well. Read More

The "Allergy Care" Pack Effective Allergy Relieving Herbs

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The "allergy care " pack
Aller-G Care, allergy, allergy treatment

Aller-G Care

A polyherbal formulation, very effective natural Allergy Care Supplement. Helps in all types of allergies including pollen allergy.

(2 Bottles in Allergy Care Pack)

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Praanrakshak Churna, Praanrakshak

Praanrakshak Churna

Praanrakshak Churna - a classical combination of special Anti-Allergy herbs. An effective herbal remedy for allergies of all types. Also helps in Asthma, Sneezing, Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Pollen allergy and dust Allergy

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Tulsi Capsules, tulsi

Tulsi Capsules

Tulsi is worshipped all over india for its healing properties. It is an age old herbal remedy for cough, sore throat, allergies. People chew leaves of this herb to combat infection and cough. It's very effective in viral flu, influenza and other acute respiratory tract infections. Tulsi has been found to be very effective herbal remedy for asthma as well. 2 Vegi Caps twice daily are good for asthma and act best when used with other herbs like Praan Rakshak and Aller- G Capsules.

Tulsi Capsules - 2 bottles - 31.00 $

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curcumin, curcumin capsules

Curcumin Capsules

A teaspoon of Turmeric or Curcumin powder with a glass of hot milk helps in fighting bronchial asthma and cough. It gives relief and even acts as a preventive measure from the further attacks. 2 Capsules twice daily are excellent herbal remedy for allergy of any type.

Curcumin Capsules - 2 Bottles
Curcumin - 120 Vegitarian capsules
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