Grapefruit Seed - Very Useful Herb for Many Health Problems

Grapefruit Seed

Citrus paradise Rutaceae Also called Fruit of paradise

Preparations and Dosage

For internal use

TO TREAT Candida infections CAPSULES (125mg dried seed extract) Take 1 capsule twice a day for the first 3 days, then three times a day on days 4-10, and finally 2 capsules two to three times a day on days 11-28.

LIQUID SEED EXTRAG CONCENTRATE Take 4-12 drops In a cup of water or fruit juice.

For external use

TO TREAT sore throats, oral infections
GARGLE AND MOUTHWASH Add 4.12 drops of liquid extract concentrate to a cup of water.


First describedáin The 18th century, The grapefruit tree, which grows up 8m heigh, IS thought to have developed as all accident tal hybrid in the westáindies. It is derived by crossingáthe sweetáorange and pomelo tree and hence has beenácultivatedásince 1823á, when theáfirstáseedsáwere takenáto florida.

Parts used

  • Seeds and pulp
  • The fUit IS harvested from September until spring.
  • It is commercially processed to obtain grapefruit seed extract.


Grapefruit seed extract contains flavonolds and other phenolic compounds, amino acids, fatty acids and vitamins E and C.

Medicinal uses

Grapefuit is believed to possess antimicrobial properties and is indicated in the treatment of bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic infections.It can be used to combat colds, influenza and sore throats, as well as intestinal infections and diarrhoea. In vitro studies on commercial grapefruit seed extract performed in Texas in 2002 demonstrated' powerful antibacterial activity. But other studies that have confirmed the antimicrobial efficacy of commercial extracts have also detected the presence of synthetic preservatives, causing some scientists to doubt the natural plant's efficacy.

Although it is likely that the flavonoids and triterpenoids of natural grapefruit seed will be shown to display antibacterial effects, further research is necessary to clarify this issue. In the meantime, organically produced grapefruit seed extract is recommended.


Grapefruit is grown commercially in subtropical climates in a range of soils. using rootstocks best suited to the soil type.


Preparations made from grapefruit seed extract may irritate the digestive system.


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