Ayurvedic Treatment of Ulcerative Colitis - True Testimonial

Interviewer: Mr. Sandeep you came to Dr. Vikram Chauhan in Mumbai camp, you suffered from Ulcerative Colitis. When was this diagnosed?

Interviewee: In 2013

Interviewer: Okay so it was diagnosed in 2013, so what was your condition that time?

Interviewee: There were so much bowel movement, I had bleeding in stools, and due to this the much weakness was there. Then I started taking allopathic medicines but it was not able to cure completely as it relieved the complaints for some time and again the symptoms flared up. And then I came to Planet Ayurveda, I have been taking medicine from last six months, now I am totally fine.

Interviewer: That means you started taking treatment from last December, 2018, so what were all your symptoms in December 2018? Were bleeding and mucus there? How many times you have to go for motion?

Interviewee: Yes, bleeding was there. The motions were 8 to 10 times a day.

Interviewer: Okay so what is your present condition?

Interviewee: Now I am perfectly fine, I go to toilet only twice a day without bleeding and no loose motion happens.

Interviewer: What is your experience of taking Ayurvedic Treatment?

Interviewee: It's good! The medicine of Doctor Sir is very good which I am taking.

Interviewer: What did you change in your diet plan during your treatment?

Interviewee: I have followed the diet chart given by Dr. Vikram Chauhan.

Interviewer: Don't you take milk, milk products and non-vegetarian food and do you follow the complete diet chart?

Interviewee: Well. Yes, I follow the diet chart completely.

Interviewer: What all Ayurvedic medicines you're taking?

Interviewee: Kutajghan Vati, Praval Panchamrit, Pitta Balance, Coolstrin A Capsules and Coolstrin B Capsules

Interviewer: So have these doses been decreased?

Interviewee: Yes they did, they told me to take "Arjuna Capsules" only.

Interviewer: Would you like to tell us about your evaluation between your past six months experience with your recent one?

Interviewee: Well my Ayurveda experience is quite good, I totally got cured, as earlier while I have been taking allopathic medicines, there were constantly vicious kinds of treatment like sometimes it gave me relief and after sometime the symptoms got flared up again.

Interviewer: How was your condition when you were taking steroids during your allopathic treatment?

Interviewee: It wasn't able to cure permanently.

Interviewer: Presently do you feel any kind of weakness?

Interviewee: No… not at all.

Interviewer: Do you want to convey any message to our viewers?

Interviewee: I would like to tell and recommend the viewers to visit to Planet Ayurveda and don't take tension, it will be cured completely.

Interviewer: Because basically taking stress will ultimately aggravate your symptoms so try to keep the tension away.

Interviewer: Would you like to tell our other patients that how did you manage to control your stress level?

Interviewee: I used to watch all video testimonials and while watching Doctor Sahib (Sir) videos, I felt very relaxed

Interviewer: Basically you kept and maintained faith and trust that if everybody's getting cure here (Planet Ayurveda) then I will be cured soon!

Interviewee: Certainly (with smile)

Interviewer: Well thank you so much Mr. Sandeep!

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