Hemp Agrimony

Hemp Agrimony, Eupatorium cannabinum, Herb, Herbal Remedy

Eupatorium cannabinum Compositae/Asteraceae

A Native of damp woodlands, marshes and riverbanks throughout Europe and in many parts if Asia and North Africa, hemp Hemp agrimony, a herbaceous perennial, can grow to a height if about 1. 5m. It has downy leaves on its distinctive red stems, which are crowned in late summer by a mass if tiny bright pink to mauve flowers.

Parts used

  • Whole plant
  • The leaves are usually collected in spring before the plant flowers.
  • The roots are collected in spring or autumn.
  • Its flowers are picked at the end of the flowering season in early autumn.
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  • The roots, flowers and leaves are dried and used to prepare infusions and tinctures.


An essential oil in the leaves gives the plant its characteristic smell. The leaves also contain bitter elements, alkaloids, flavonoids, saponins, tannins, pyrrolizidine and a resin. The roots contain some essential oil, as well as some bitter compounds and pyrrolizidine alkaloids.

Medicinal uses

Hemp Hemp agrimony is well known for its ability to help to eliminate toxins from the body by stimulating the action of the kidneys and liver. It is also widely prescribed for skin ailments, linked to toxin build-up due to bile and liver disorders, and for treating rosacea blotches and acne. Animal studies have, in fact, observed that because of the bitter elements, an' aqueous extract of the plant can stimulate the flow of bile in rats and exert a protective action on the liver.

Research has also established that a constituent of the essential oil, p-cymene, can help to boost the immune system, increasing resistance to the viral infections that can cause influenza, colds and sore throats.
One of the bitters found in the leaves and roots, eupatoriopicrine, has recently been shown to have anticancer properties. This exciting new development is currently being investigated further.


  • Consult a medical herbalist before taking the plant internally.
  • Only use the dose prescribed.
  • When taken in large amounts the pyrrolizidine alkaloids in hemp Hemp agrimony can have a toxic effect.


Hemp Hemp agrimony grows best in moist soil in a sunny or partially shaded spot. Grow from seed in spring but do not use in home preparations taken internally.


Hemp Hemp agrimony infusions and tinctures are sometimes used to treat liver and kidney problems. However, any preparations for internal use are best taken only as prescribed by a qualified medical herbalist.

For external use

TO TREAT skin irritations, blotches, rosacea, acne TINCTURE, DECOCTION Add 2-4 teaspoons to 1 litre of boiling water. Cool and apply on a compress to affected areas.



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