Ayurvedic Treatment of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura - Real Testimonial | Patient Feedback

INTERVIEWER: Greetings Dr. Vikram. Today, we have with us your patient Manpreet along with his father. Kindly tell us about his problem.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: They have come to me from Firozabad, UP. UP/ Uttar Pradesh is a state in India. This child was detected with ITP. ITP decreases the platelet count and the patient starts bleeding. Ayurveda has very effective medicines and herbs which stop the bleeding and increase the platelet count, I gave him those medicines.

INTERVIEWER: How did you get to know your child was suffering from ITP? What were his symptoms?

INTERVIEWEE: His nose started bleeding and he had red spots on his face. We took him to a hospital in Firozabad and they took his tests and told us that his platelet count was low and he requires platelet transfusion. After platelet transfusion they kept him admitted for 10-12 days and later, they told us that he is suffering from ITP, take him to Delhi.

INTERVIEWER: What were his symptoms?

INTERVIEWEE: He had lost his appetite, his feet ached and he was very lethargic. He was extremely weak and didn't eat anything at all.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: What was his platelet count then?

INTERVIEWEE: It had gone down to 1,000 but after his treatment started it increased but never crossed 20,000. Later, they told us to take him somewhere else.

INTERVIEWER: He underwent platelet transfusion but still it didn't cross 20,000?

INTERVIEWEE: No, never! We did platelets transfusion 6 times.

INTERVIEWER: Did he bleed also?

INTERVIEWEE: Yes, from the nose, gums and lips.

INTERVIEWER: Then, you took him to Delhi?

INTERVIEWEE: Yes, we took him to Delhi. There, they said they will investigate his blood marrow after 8 days. Since, he was very ill, we didn't wait for 8 days. We brought him to Agra and he was admitted in a hospital for 15 days. They put him on a treatment which involved expensive injections which increased his platelet count to 82,000. But, within 20 days it decreased to 36,000.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: How much did that injection cost you?

INTERVIEWEE: It was for Rs 18,000 and they injected 10 of them in him.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: And it was of no use?

INTERVIEWER: Even after that, the platelet count reduced to half in 20 days?

INTERVIEWEE: Yes, it was of no use.

INTERVIEWER: How did you come to know about Planet Ayurveda?

INTERVIEWEE: I met a person in Agra, he asked me to take my son to Dr Vikram Chauhan in Chandigarh. We're not that educated but with the help of others we found everything on the internet. On 22nd, we came here to take treatment. After that we got immense benefit from this treatment.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: After taking Ayurvedic medicines from here, how much did the platelet count increase and in how much time?

INTERVIEWEE: In the first two months, it was 40,000 then, in the third month it increased to 55,000 then after 8 days we got it checked it again and it had reached 1, 50,000.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: Ok, it had reached 1, 50,000! Till today has his platelet count been 1, 50,000 since his born?


DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: How old is he now?

INTERVIEWEE: He's 11 years old!

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: We can say that Ayurveda is miraculous and has amazing results. His platelet count has increased to 1, 50,000 with Ayurvedic medicines though platelet count should be between 1, 50,000 to 4, 00,000 but at least it has reached 1, 50,000.

INTERVIEWER: Is the platelet count stable on 1, 50,000?

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: No, it's not stable. The platelet count is still fluctuating.

INTERVIEWER: That means he is still under treatment?

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: Yes, they're fluctuating but it has touched 1, 50,000 once. Now, it's a little less than that, but, it will increase again.

INTERVIEWER: What herbs are you using to treat him?

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: I'm giving him simple Ayurvedic medicines like Ashwagandha which is very good than there is Giloy, also known as Amrita because it provides immortality and is called the immortality herb. I'll tell you what all I prescribed him.

INTERVIEWER: Can we see the prescription, Dr. Vikram?

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: Yes, sure. I gave him a few bhasmas or the classical medicines of Ayurveda. Balark Ras, Swarn Basant Malti Ras, Kumar Kalyan Ras and Arvindasav are included in the treatment. For immunity, we give Giloy capsules and Ashwagandha capsules. I didn't give Ashwagandha this time but I did last time. I'll give it this time as well. I've seen, platelet count increases quickly with Ashwagandha.

INTERVIEWER: Dr. Vikram, how long will it take for this child to be completely cured?

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: Usually, kids get cured a little faster whereas adults take a longer time. I had a patient from Faridabad who was a child he got cured in 3 days and he is still fine and it's been 3 years. It was very surprising for me as well. Did I tell you about him?

INTERVIEWEE: No, you didn't tell us about him. But, a gentleman from Agra whose 16 year old son is suffering from the same called to ask me about my son. I told him that my son's platelet count is 1, 50,000 and he is absolutely fine. We were disappointed from everything and Dr. Vikram Chauhan was our last option.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: So, there was another patient from Agra?


DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: I've a few patients of ITP from Agra who have come to me.

INTERVIEWEE: There were 2 patients and both are absolutely fine.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: Both are fine? Are you in touch with them?

INTERVIEWER: I think it's Mr. Mohit.

INTERVIEWEE: Yes, Mr. Mohit and one more. Mr Mohit's daughter was the patient.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: That's very good! I was giving you an example of the child from Faridabad. He got cured within 3-4 days. Since he was born he had been doing rounds of the hospital, his parents were upset, he had to undergo platelet transfusion and he couldn't be treated. I gave him Ayurvedic medicines which were Balark Ras, Swarn Basant Malti Ras and Ashwagandha extract and he got cured with it.

INTERVIEWER: Ancient ayurvedic remedies are very effective!

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: Giloy is a wonderful herb and I'm giving him Ashwagandha capsules in the dosage 1 capsule in the morning and evening.

INTERVIEWER: Dr. Vikram, I've a question. What are the reasons of ITP in kids or is it by birth?

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: According to the modern medical sciences, it is an autoimmune disorder. Our body's own army turn against us and starts attacking the platelets, viral infections, sometimes the spleen gets enlarged which breaks the platelets. Sometimes, the doctor suggest of removing the spleen. There is no cure of autoimmune disorders in Modern sciences. They prescribe steroids which increase the platelets instantly but it falls at the same rate. Steroids have numerous side effects.

INTERVIEWER: Are steroids given in case of infants and small kids also?

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: Yes, steroids are given to kids also. Steroids give a temporary relief but later the platelet count drops. There are a few other salts like Tranexamic acid which are very expensive are used to stop bleeding. It is an emergency measure when the platelet count is very low but it's not a permanent cure. For a permanent cure, there are two things Ashwagandha and Giloy and some Ras Aushadhiyan (Metallic medicines). In India, Ras Aushadhiyan are valid and the Government of Indian acknowledges this Ayurvedic subject. These classical (Bhasma) medicines in Ayurveda like Kumar Kalyan, Swran Basant Malti, Balark ras and Navratan Ras which is a combination of 9 Gems. Apart from that we have Praval Panchamrit. These are the treasures of Ayurveda which the foreigners have no idea about. Ayurvedic science is based in India and it's miraculous with which patients get cured quickly. It's an auto immune disorder and in such disorders instead of giving steroids, we modulate the immunity. We give immunomodulators like Giloy, Ashwagandha. In case of an emergency, to stop bleeding we can give the juice of touch-me-not plant.the bleeding can be internal or external. In external bleeding if you rub the juice of touch-me-not plant on the wound, the bleeding immediately stops. Then, there is Durva grass (Cynodon dactylon), you can give a teaspoon of its juice to him. Shisham leaf juice (Dalbergia sisso), there are numerous plants in nature which help to curb bleeding. Marigold flower also ceases bleeding.

INTERVIEWER: Giloy is also very commonly grown in households.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: We also have it in our center.


INTERVIEWEE: Sir, is Ashwagandha also known as 'Asgandh'?

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: Yes, it is also known as Asgandh.

INTERVIEWEE: We have numerous trees of Asgandh in our hometown.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: The root of Asgandh (Ashwagandha) is very useful in ITP. I've given you a capsule of Asgandh (Ashwagandha), it has its extract. We take 50 kgs if Ashwagandha root and reduce it till it 5kgs of the root is remaining, then we obtain the extract. I've given you capsules of that extract.

INTERVIEWER: This is a very useful information, Dr. Vikram. Thank you very much. It's a very happy news that kids are getting relief from this problem.

INTERVIEWEE: We're very grateful to Dr. Vikram. Due to him our child is absolutely fine now. People said various things. The people who are unable to understand are degraded by other people. But we are satisfied after coming here. The best thing is that our kid has 80% improvement. He had never been benefitted so much.

INTERVIEWER: This is a good thing, it'll be even better when he's fully cured. Thank you, Dr. Vikram.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: Thank you very much.


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