Natural Cure For Ulcerative Colitis with Herbal Remedies - Real Testimonial

Interviewer: Good afternoon mam, tell us your name and from where you have come?

Radha: my name Radha verma and I have come from Mandi Gobindgarh.

Interviewer: what is your problem, for which you have chosen DR Vikram Chauhan.

Radha: I have ulcers in my intestines and I was totally bedridden for two and half years.

Interviewer: ok, so what were the symptoms and problems you were facing?

Radha: Always after taking meal had to go to pass stool. Sometimes motion frequency was 20-30 per day with bleeding and mucus was also present. But at present I am having good relief from this problem.

Interviewer: From how many years you had this chronic problem.

Radha: I am having this problem from 14 yrs. I am facing this problem since 2006.

Interviewer: when did you consult Dr. Chauhan?

Radha: it's about 11 months I am taking treatment from him, we have seen his video on YouTube. After watching the video we came to meet him. After starting treatment within 2 months, I started feeling relief and then I thought this medicine is very effective for me and after that I started getting good relief. Now I only pass stool 2 times a day, bleeding is totally stopped. In past when I used to take food it doesn't got digested properly, I had less appetite, weakness and body was very week and my weight was very low too. Now weight has been gained by me and also energy levels in body are good too.

Interviewer: what all medicines you are taking from here.

Radha: right now I am taking kutajaristha, and all these medicines which are prescribed in prescription list.

Interviewer: we want to show our viewers that all these medicines she is taking from much relief you think that you have after taking the treatment.

Radha: mam, I have got about 80% relief in past when I roam around I got pricking type pain, even I have to think about 100 times before going outside and sometime have to come back from the bazaar due to disturbed stomach. But now I feel my energy levels high and even go outside alone.

Interviewer: ok, that's very good.

Manish: mam, for the treatment of ulcerative colitis where else you have gone for the treatment?

Radha: sir we went to Dr. Sharma who is an Ayurvedic practitioner from him I got treatment for 5 yrs. and got relief from there as well but I felt much better after taking treatment from here.

Manish: how long you have been taking medicines from here.

Radha: since 11 months I am taking treatment from here and I am feeling much better now.

Interviewer: that's very good, so what message you want to convey to our viewers.

Radha: I just want to tell that, people should believe in ayurveda and every disease has cure but one should have believe and faith in god's grace and there should be firmness in your mind and body to fight against the disease then even impossible also become possible. And one should believe in ayurveda and should follow the instruction strictly then you will be see the results even faster. It took 1 year to me to overcome it but some will get relief in 6 months.

Interviewer: what diet you are following.

Radha: the diet I am taking includes: corn pone, green vegetables. Chilly, spicy and outside eating is not allowed. Milk and milk products are not allowed but curd can be taken. Tea, coffee such all things I have stopped taking.

Interviewer: ok it means you are taking simple and non-spicy food. We are very happy mam that you got cured and we pray that in coming times you stay healthy. Thank you so much for coming here.

Radha: thank you.


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