Natural Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis - True Testimonial

Interviewer: Namaste Sir, Welcome to Planet Ayurveda Centre. What's your name Sir?

Male: My name is Sachin Soni.

Interviewer: From where you have come?

Sachin: I belong to Ajmer, Rajasthan.

Interviewer: What was your health issue for which you contacted Dr. Vikram Chauhan at Planet Ayurveda?

Sachin: I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis.

Interviewer: When was it diagnosed?

Sachin; Sir, this problem was diagnosed in April 2017.

Interviewer: What were the symptoms when you came to know that you have Ulcerative Colitis?

Sachin: I had to pass stool many times and there was blood and mucus also in the stool.

Interviewer: How many times you pass the stool in a day then?

Sachin: Sir about 4-5 times

Interviewer: Was there blood and mucus too and from where you have contacted?

Sachin: Yes

Interviewer: Ok, so from where else you consulted?

Sachin: I started my treatment from my native place from an allopathic doctor, I also got relief from that but he told that, I have to take medicine for a long time or for whole life. I got relief from those medications but as I stopped them, my problem reoccurred. So regarding this I kept searching over YouTube and saw Dr. Vikram Chauhan's channel, also watched some patients reviews. Then I contacted Dr. Chauhan in 2018 and since then I am taking treatment from here and now in 2019, today doctor have asked me to stop the medication as my treatment is completed. He has also told me to take a proper diet even those which was restricted previously.

Interviewer: In which month your treatment started from Dr. Vikram Chauhan?

Sachin: In August 2018

Interviewer: so Since then you have been taking treatment from here and now your treatment is completed.

Sachin: Yes, now I am totally fine and my treatment is stopped now.

Interviewer: Please show our viewers your old reports when you were diagnosed with ulcerative colitis?

Sachin: Yes, these are my previous reports of 2017, this is a biopsy report.

Interviewer: These are the allopathic medicines which you were taking. In allopathy you took lot of treatment.

Sachin: Yes, I consulted many doctors at different places and took the treatment but didn't get the proper relief.

Interviewer: What was your prescription by Dr. Vikram Chauhan, please show it.

Sachin: This is his prescription, this is his first prescription.

Interviewer: Ok, this is your first prescription when you started your treatment.

Sachin: Yes, in this he gave me Praval Panchamrit, Kutajghan Vati, Arjun, Coolstrin B, Icy Vita Syrup, Pitta balance and Belgiri Churna.

Interviewer: This was your first prescription when in august 2018 your treatment started. So at that time you took these medicines for two months. Then you came back for follow up treatment in November. In that your old medicines were continued and two new medicines were added. So, now only two medicines are prescribed to you and all other medicines have been stopped. These two are for 2 months. What kind of treatment you took in allopathy, did they give you steroids too?

Sachin: No, but pantasa, mesacol, which have to be used after passing stool. So these kinds of medicines were there.

Interviewer: When you started treatment from Dr. Vikram, what were your dietary changes during that time?

Sachin: I followed the diet chart provided by Dr. Vikram Chauhan. In that I took boiled vegetables, avoided spicy food and followed the diet chart 100%.

Interviewer: Ok did you take the decoction of pomegranate fruit's skin usually mentioned by Dr. Chauhan?

Sachin: Yes I used this decoction, also I used marigold and rose flowers and gourds mostly in my diet as told by the doctor.

Interviewer: Dr. Chauhan also told you to avoid milk and dairy products strictly.

Sachin: Yes, I strictly avoided milk and dairy products.

Interviewer: Now you have started taking some restricted food.

Sachin: Yes, I also started taking curd even the doctor told me to take it but I didn't eat it, but now I have started taking it, and everything is fine now.

Interviewer: How much percent you are feeling well now?

Sachin: I am feeling relief 95-99%.

Interviewer: And how many times you are passing stool now?

Sachin: once a day.

Interviewer: Any bleeding?

Sachin: No, sir

Interviewer: Mucus?

Sachin: No

Interviewer: Sir, there are some of our viewers who are watching this video, what message do you want to give them through this video?

Sachin: I just want to tell that with the prescription of Dr. Chauhan, he also tells that food is the medicine for you, so while taking medicines, also follow the diet chart which he provides with the medicines. Because with this your recovery will become fast and you will be cured earliest. So take medicines regularly and follow the diet properly too.

Interviewer: Thank you Sachin ji, for giving time to us and provided our viewers with the information which was very informative.

Sachin: Thank you.


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