Rencure Formula - Effective Herbal Medicine for Kidney Problems Treatment

Rencure Formula

  • Combination of herbs and effective formulation for kidney failure
  • The formulation is packed with natural herbs useful for creatinine and avoids dialysis
  • It is a natural cleanser and helps the kidneys to eliminate the toxins quickly without putting any burden on them
  • It clears away the obstruction in the urinary tract and is also acts as anti-infective
  • Also acts like a cooling agent in the urinary tract and is a urinary alkaliser.

Rencure formula is a combination of herbs described in ancient texts as an effective alternative remedy for kidney failure. It is purely an herbal formulation without any chemicals added into it. The herbs in this product act synergistically to control vitiated "Vata", "Pitta" and "Kapha". These 3 energies of the body, when vitiated cause organ failure and toxins accumulation and also cause kidney failure. The herbs used are Punarnava, Varun, Gokshur, Palaash and Kaasni which maintain the balance of these energies and help kidney function. This herbal formulation is also very useful in urinary tract obstructions, kidney failure due to any reasons, and accumulation of fluid in the body. It clears away the obstruction in the urinary tract and is also act as anti-infective. It has been found to be very useful in all kidney problems including reduced urine output due to kidney failure.

Dosage: 1-2 capsules twice daily.

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