Shilajit - Best Anti Aging Natural Remedy

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  • Nature's gift to mankind as an excellent natural remedy for weakness due to any reason
  • One of the best anti-aging natural remedy and used as a powerful rejuvenator of body
  • High affinity for free radicals, thereby scavenges on them halting the gaining process and making us to attain our youth
  • Best natural supplement for maintenance of health and increase blood circulations

Shilajitáis one of the best anti-aging natural remedy and useful in a preventing a number of diseases.áShilajit is not only a preventive of many diseases or but also has therapeutic values. The medicinal properties make it best adaptive, restorative, rejuvenative and 'rasayana'. Shilajit capsules contain fresh Shilajit extract sourced from Himalayan Mountains and is rich in natural fulvic acid content which is the major reason for activity of Shilajit. Fulvic acid is not an acid but is nature's best anti-oxidant and an alkalizer. Shilajit provides minerals and vitamins- at least 85 micro minerals are found in Shilajit making it best natural supplement for maintenance of health. Shilajit has no contraindication and is completely safe for consumption.

Dosage: 2 capsules twice daily, with plain water after meals.

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