Spirulina Capsules-Nature's Powerhouse having many Health Benefits

Spirulina, Spirulina capsules

  • Boosts the immune system, energy levels and prevents quick aging
  • Reduces wear & tear in the body and maintains healthy cardiovascular functions
  • Prevents heart damage caused by chemotherapy and without interfering with its antitumor activity
  • Really a complete food supplement and gives numerous health benefits

Spirulina is an algae which is rich in natural proteins, vitamins, minerals, omega 6 fatty acids, chlorophyll and other phytonutrients .It provides the optimum nutrition to the body. It works as a powerful anti-oxidant, boosts the immune system and helps maintain healthy circulatory system. Spirulina is stuffed with many micronutrients and the list is endless. It has strong anti-oxidant and immune boosting properties. NASA found that 1 kg of Spirulina had the same nutrients found in about 1000 kg of 'assorted vegetables'.

Dosage: 2 Capsules twice daily

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Spirulina Capsules are made from Pure Organic Herbs and Standardized Herbal Extracts without using any Chemicals, Preservatives, Fillers, Starch or Additives.

Ingredients Packaging & Quantity :- 60 Vegetarian Capsules in Food Grade HDP Bottle Containing 100 % Pure Standardized 500 mg Extract of Spirulina

Other Ingredients :- Silica gel (Dessicant To absorb moisture) No artificial colors, preservatives, yeast, starch or Chemicals

Dosage & how to Take :- 1-2 capsules twice daily - About Ż hr. to 1 Hour after meals with plain or lukewarm water.


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