Testimonials - Mr. Surender Got Treated from Ulcerative Colitis with Ayurvedic Herbal Medicines

Interviewer:- Namaste sir! Namaste Mam.

Interviewee:- Namaste!

Interviewer:- What is your name and where you have come from?

Interviewee:- My name is Surinder, I am from Kaithal district, Haryana.

Interviewer:- Okay! So what was your health issue due to which you have consulted Dr. Vikram?

Interviewee:- I was suffering from Ulcerative colitis since 2003, I got my endoscopy done from Patiala. They conveyed me that, my disease will continue for lifetime.

Interviewer:- So, at first you have gone for allopathic treatment.

Interviewee:- Yes.

Interviewer:- How much time you were under allopathic consultation?

Interviewee:- Four years!!! From Patiala (City in Punjab).

Interviewer:- Ok. So when did you consulted Dr. Vikram, regarding your health issue?

Interviewee:- Five months ago we saw on the net and got the reference of Dr. Vikram, that patients are getting cured so we rushed here. From the very first month of starting the medicine from here we got good results. We have also gone to cancer hospital but there was no improvement.

Interviewer:- Alright! Sir, so how long you were under allopathic medication?

Interviewee:- 14 years.

Interviewer:- So it has been 14 long years under allopathic consultation.

Interviewee:- We have come here after going to PGI (Chandigarh). We have spent 4 years for consultation in PGI as well.

Interviewer:- So which medicines you are taking now as prescribed by Dr. Vikram? Kindly show the prescription to our viewers.

Interviewee:- Kutaj Ghan Vati, Pitta Balance, Coolstrin B, Vastakadi Churna, Belgiri Powder, Arjuna Capsule, Praval Panchamrit.

Interviewer:- So how much you have been benefited after taking medication from here?

Interviewee:- 90% relieved. Now we are like we are not suffering from any such disease. Before it was like we have to take medicines for life time and there were side effects too. After taking treatment from here we are feeling relieved.

Interviewer:- So how much problem you have faced due to this disease and what were the difficulties?

Interviewee:- Too much problem of bleeding and mucus.

Interviewer:- How many times you have to go for motions, before?

Interviewee:- At least 20 times.

Interviewer:- And Now?

Interviewee:- For two times.

Interviewer:- Now it's normal?

Interviewee:- Yes no bleeding and no mucus.

Interviewer:- What are you following in the diet? Can you show the diet chart?

Interviewee:- Here is the diet chart.

Interviewer:- This diet chart was given by Dr. Vikram.

Interviewee:- Yes. We followed this strictly.

Interviewer:- Now, you are feeling much relaxed, Mam.

Interviewee:- Yes, before, even our kids started to think that their father is not going to be cured. When Doctor Sir, told to have medicines for one more month, then we insisted to continue medicine for some more time.

Interviewer:- We have many good results of Ulcerative colitis and many patients have been cured.

Interviewee:- Our whole family was like he will never be fine, but now he is fine.

Interviewer:- What message you want to give to our viewers?

Interviewee:- I want to say, meet Dr. Chauhan as soon as they can and get cured.

Interviewer:- Thanks Mam, Thanks Sir you came to Planet Ayurveda center and provided our viewers with such good information. Thank You!!! God Bless you.


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